Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents are Increasing on Texas Roadways. Learn How an Amazon Accident Attorney Can Help.

If you or a beloved has been injured as a results of a collision caused by an Amazon delivery driver, you’ll be wondering what your options are. An experienced truck accident attorney will have worked with variety of people who are involved in delivery van accidents and have helped thAmazon Delivery Truck Accidents are Increasing on Texas Roadways.em get the compensation they have and deserve.

The Number of Amazon Delivery Trucks on the Road is Growing
Amazon has quickly grown to be one among the most important online retailers within the world, and delivers billions of Amazon packages throughout the us annually . this suggests that there are countless Amazon delivery trucks and vans on the road at any given time. While Amazon is certainly a convenient thanks to shop, the sheer amount of Amazon trucks on the road means Amazon delivery drivers are liable for auto accidents almost a day . While Amazon does take precautions when it involves training their drivers, there’s still room for human error which will end in serious and even deadly accidents.

How Does Amazon Get Around Accident Data Collection?
Because Amazon relies on independent delivery service companies that are hired through Amazon Delivery Partner Services, finding data on auto accidents caused by Amazon delivery drivers is almost impossible. In fact, many of the trucks and vans driven by Amazon drivers are Sprinter-style vans like the Ford Transit 250 that always haven’t any indication of the corporate on the outside . These vans are slightly below the load limit that might require the oversight of the Department of Transportation, meaning little or no data is out there through this reliable source.

Can You Sue Amazon After An Accident With An Amazon Delivery Truck?
If you’ve recently been injured as a results of an accident with an Amazon delivery truck or truck, you’ll be interested by whether you’ll sue Amazon directly for your injuries. Unfortunately, suing Amazon is challenging because Amazon will often claim their delivery drivers are independent contractors. this is often because many of the trucks and vans driven by Amazon delivery drivers aren’t owned directly by Amazon, and therefore the driver isn’t an immediate employee of Amazon. Typically, Amazon delivery drivers are independent contractors that are hired and employed by Amazon Delivery Partner Services, which may be a division of Amazon Logistics. As a result, the defendant during a court case would be the corporate that hired the independent contractor instead of Amazon itself.

Because Amazon drivers aren’t directly hired by Amazon, the corporate is in a position to urge out of direct liability when drivers are involved in auto accidents. So, in short, in most cases you can’t sue Amazon directly after an accident with an Amazon delivery van or van. However, Amazon does require all of its contractors to possess insurance , which suggests you’ll seek compensation. The insurance required is understood as Amazon Flex coverage . This insurance plan offers auto liability coverage of up to $1 million. this suggests that when a delivery driver is liable for an auto accident, the insurance plan will cover to $1 million in injuries and damages suffered by third parties.

One thing to understand is that this insurance is merely viable if the Amazon delivery driver is “on the clock.” this suggests that if the accident happens after the driving force has clocked out, the Amazon Flex insurance won’t cover injuries or damages. These cases are often extremely complicated and it requires the legal expertise of an experienced truck accident attorney.

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