A Car Accident Attorney Explains the Four Common Car Accident Myths You Need to Ignore.

Aside from getting injured in a car accident, a victim’s brain can get shaken too. Your accident will become a sudden priority in your life, and it’s going to interfere with your daily life. The Law Offices of David Kohm doesn’t want to see you make mistakes after the crash by believing myths and misinformation about car accidents. Here are four myths that you certainly shouldn’t believe.

A Car Accident Attorney Explains the Four Common Car Accident Myths

Myth #1. Go Ahead and Leave the Scene
If you leave the scene of an accident without having police investigate it, you’re probably committing a crime, even if the accident wasn’t your fault. No matter where you’re supposed to be in 15 minutes or what the driver who hit you says, call 911 to report the crash. The 911 dispatcher will ask whether anybody was injured. If you are injured, tell him or her. Paramedics will be dispatched to the scene along with paramedics.

Myth #2. The Other Insurer Will Take Care of My Medical Bills and Lost Time from Work

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They do that by cashing premium checks and investing that money to make even more money. Another way that insurance companies maximize their profits is by paying as little as possible or even denying your claim. Take notice that from the moment that the opposing insurance company learns that it has a possible personal injury claim against its insured person, it will begin working on devaluing or denying that claim. Its adjusters are trained to do that. Don’t believe for a minute that those people are going to be fair with you.


Myth #3. I Have to Give a Recorded Statement and Medical Authorization

The opposing adjuster might have you believe that you’re required to give a recorded statement and medical authorization in order to have your claim considered. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Texas law does not require you to give any kind of a statement or a medical authorization to an opposing insurance company. That insurer will only try to use your own words or past injury to the same part of your body against you in the future to try and affect your credibility and devalue your claim. If you’re unrepresented in a claim, and an insurer wants a statement from you, contact us right away. You can arrange for a no-cost consultation and case assessment with a car accident attorney from our offices.

Myth #4. It’s Just a Stiff Neck

Car accident injuries might start out as a twinge or some slight pain. When they manifest themselves days or weeks later, they can be debilitating. Have the paramedics at the scene evaluate and stabilize you. Then, they can transport you to the emergency room for further diagnostics and treatment. Not only does this operate to document your injuries from the onset, but important medical records will also be generated that will be relied on for purposes of proving the direct and proximate cause of your injuries.

The only way to protect your right to the compensation that you deserve is by thoroughly documenting your accident and injuries by calling 911, obtaining professional medical treatment and retaining a car accident attorney from our offices. Take advantage of that free consultation. We want to know what happened, how it happened and how it has affected you. We’ll answer your questions and after that, you’ll be advised of all of your legal options. Call our offices today at any of our convenient locations for a free consultation.

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