Under what Circumstances Your Social Security Disability Hearing Request May Be Expedited

The journey to collect Social Security Disability can be long and strenuous. Sometimes, people wait longer than a year to see a judge about their hearing because of the sheer number of applications that pass through the system every year. A Social Security Disability lawyer can help to expedite that process if you qualify for one of the conditions that could make it possible for you to have the date pushed up. The following is a little more information about situations and circumstances that may help your cause.

Circumstances for Expediting an SSD Request

A Severe Condition

The Social Security Administration does have a program called Compassionate Allowances. This program allows certain people to have their cases approved without waiting an unusually long time for someone to hear them. The reason that these cases fly through the system quickly is that the conditions are so severe that the sufferers receive extra compassion. The Social Security Administration has a published list of such illnesses, and your attorney can help you to receive an approval if your illness is on the list, and you provide the appropriate documentation.

Muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy, and certain types of cancers may qualify for this expedited hearing and approval. The speed of the process depends on how quickly the SSA receives proof of the diagnosis of the condition. Some applicants have gotten their cases approved in less than two weeks. Other people have had the time shorted to only a few months. Quite a few variables play a part in how everything works.

A Terminal Condition

Your hearing and your claim approval can occur faster than others if you have been diagnosed with a terminal condition. The SSA respectfully calls these conditions TERI and does not note them with a derogatory term in the records.

You, an attorney or an authorized representative will have to furnish proof of your diagnosis, of course, but your claim will be pushed forward if you qualify under the definition of a TERI condition. Just a few examples of conditions that would qualify for this type of expedited claim are conditions such as AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease or any similar conditions that the doctor deems as terminal. You may also obtain approval if you are on a transplant list for certain organs or if you are on life support. At-home hospice care participation may qualify you for an expedited hearing and approval, as well.

Special Extenuating Circumstances

There are some extenuating circumstances that may allow for a case to be expedited. However, these are usually more difficult to prove and get approval for than the previously mentioned situations are. You will have to furnish quite a bit of documentation to back up the reason that you are asking that your case move up. Some of the examples of circumstances that the firm may approve are eviction, foreclosure, homelessness, lack of medication and lack of electricity.

Documents that the organization may require proving your situation are eviction notices, foreclosure documents, copies of the utility bills, homelessness verification such as a letter from a shelter and so on. Your case could move up significantly if any of those situations apply.

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