Common Myths about Car Accident Cases

Myths surround what can be expected after a car accident. One of the most egregious is that doctors can “be creative” in their findings so that accident victims receive a larger settlement. While it is important to see a doctor immediately after a car accident, the purpose is not to get a “leg up” on future compensation rather, it is to ascertain the extent of the injuries caused by the accident. You should try to document any observable injuries and symptoms related to the accident. Keep a record of doctor visits and out-of-pocket expenses that may be refunded in a settlement.

Car Accident Myths

Delayed Injuries are Often Overlooked

A person can file an injury claim whether he suffers a major injury or the injury is delayed. As long as the claim is filed within the statute of limitations, the client is within his or her legal rights to pursue a claim for damages or seek medical attention. A car accident attorney can help recoup any damages due the claimant.

An accident report and any witness statements should be a part of the claim. Accident victims should take pictures and record what happened while it is still fresh in their minds. Determining liability is the job of the courts, not the police officer on the scene, so accident victims should not take as fact the indications of the officer on site. Victims have recourse through the court system; there is no need to try and work it out on their own. A car accident lawyer can be the victim’s best advocate and should be consulted as soon as possible after a collision to protect his rights. Lawyers who specialize in car accidents can help clients navigate the specialized language of insurance companies to give them the best chance of a successful outcome.

Assumptions that the Insurance Company Will be Fair

One of the main fallacies is that victims will automatically receive a large sum of money from the insurance company. Without an attorney it is very likely that the insurance company will offer a settlement amount that is not adequate and victims often don’t know the difference between a reasonable settlement and a lowball offer.

To appraise the value of a claim, many factors must be considered. There are often many expenses up front before a case is settled. Clients cannot expect the insurance company of the at-fault driver to automatically pay for their medical expenses before the case has been resolved. They will not receive any compensation until the case is satisfactorily settled; at that point, assuming they have worked with an attorney, clients can usually expect medical expenses and attorney’s fees to be covered.

The need for a good car accident lawyer cannot be overstated. He can prevent the insurance company from trying to take advantage of you. Any settlement to which the client is entitled can be negotiated with skill and confidence, and the client will generally find that competent attorneys will provide legal advice and prevent them from doing something that will jeopardize their chances of a successful settlement.

Your insurance company is often not on your side, so do your due diligence in collecting information from the driver of the other car involved in the accident. You may need a car to drive while yours is being repaired or to have medical bills paid. Not all insurance companies are created equal which is why it is important to work with an attorney who is experienced enough to recognize when an insurance company is taking advantage of you.

Collisions cause many different types of physical injuries as well as emotional anguish and can lead to serious long term problems. Having medical and car insurance are certainly comforting when accidents occur, and our competent attorneys can assist you with any needs requiring legal knowhow.

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