Getting Help after an Uninsured Vehicle Accident

Uninsured AccidentAn uninsured vehicle accident is an unfair event that no one deserves to experience. You probably cannot even imagine the level of irresponsibility that is required for someone to drive a car without insurance.

Getting help to pay for your losses is not easy if you try to do it on your own. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Kohm are authorities on auto accidents, and they can represent you effectively with insurance companies after you’ve been in an accident.

When you take care of your own responsibilities, you hope that others do the same with theirs. Statistics show that many people do not carry insurance. Some estimates suggest that one in seven cars that you meet on the highway has an uninsured driver behind the wheel. That being said, your chance of having an accident with an uninsured driver is pretty high, especially when your commute involves infamous DFW traffic.

Where to Turn for Help

The first three things you need to do after an accident are:

  1. Hire an Arlington accident attorney.
  2. Ask your attorney to file an accident claim.
  3. Avoid direct communication with insurance adjusters.

Your insurance company is not where you go when you need compensation for an accident. Your best approach is to let an Arlington accident attorney manage all communications with your insurance. You have a better chance of getting the compensation settlement that you want when your attorney conducts the negotiations for you.

The driver who hit you has no insurance, making the burden of payment fall on your insurance company. Insurance adjusters take advantage of your lack of experience in filing claims, but they meet their match when they have to deal with a knowledgeable accident attorney.

Check Your Policy

The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Kohm are familiar with reading the fine print in insurance policies. Take your policy when you go to your initial consultation with your attorney to make sure that you have coverage for uninsured motorists.

Rely on the David Kohm’s counsel to help you get the accident compensation that you deserve. Call 817-204-0900 today to schedule your free consultation and case review.

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