Help with Adoptions this Holiday Season

Opening your home to an adopted child, especially when the holiday season approaches, is a loving thing to do. A child needs a home that is safe and secure, and you have one that you want to share. The adoption process is not an easy one, but the guidance of an Arlington adoption lawyer gives you the best chance for a good outcome. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Kohm are authorities on family law and adoption.

Success Guided by Experience

The matching of a child who needs a home with a family that wants to provide one is a wonderful combination that helps everyone. The holiday season reminds families of the importance of shared bonds. An action by the court that puts a child in your home legally is worth whatever effort it takes.

Some adoptions are easy, and you can hope that yours is one of them. Others have complexities that result from unique aspects of each situation. Your attorney works with adoption cases like yours every day, and you can count on David Kohm to represent your interests superbly.

Eligibility for Adoption

Texas adoption law contains numerous laws that are related to the process, creating a legal maze that is understood only by lawyers. When you consult with the attorneys at the Law Offices of David Kohm, you get a full understanding of Texas adoption law. Some of the requirements for adoption include some or all of the following:

  • the child has only one lawful guardian as a result of one parent ending his or her legal rights to the child
  • the child must have reached age two, unless both parents have signed away their legal rights to the child
  • the child can have eligible adoption status only one time

In consultation with your Arlington adoption lawyer, you can learn what is required of you as an adoptive parent. There are home inspections, evaluations and investigations that prove your worthy status. Your attorney can provide valuable guidance as you approach the adoption process during the holiday season. Call the Law Offices of David Kohm at 817-204-0900 to embark on a wonderful journey.

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