Injured in a Car Accident Where They Ran a Stop Sign? See How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help.

A basic rule of driving is to stop at a stop sign. Texas traffic law makes sure that a vehicle is required to stop at a stop sign no matter what, however all too often drivers fail to follow-through with this minor rule. Many times careless motorists fail to stop at stop signs, because they did not see them, brake failure or because they just disregarded the sign. No matter the reason, if they ran a stop sign and hit your vehicle causing damage and injuries they need to be held accountable for their actions. An experienced car accident attorney can help you in maximizing your settlement and dealing with all the legal matters that come along with car accidents. 

Injured in a Car Accident Where They Ran a Stop Sign

Running a Stop Sign Can Cause Serious Injuries and Damage
In every state, we have similar rules as part of the overall governing law which resides over drivers. When a car fails to stop at a stop sign while they are crossing an intersection, the driver can be found negligent. Most collisions caused when someone runs a stop sign will either be a head-on collision or a T-bone. A T-bone collision is when a car crashes head-on into the side of the car. These types of accidents can cause serious injuries that require medical attention.

Injuries commonly caused from running stop sign accidents are traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, torn tendons, ligaments and tissue damage. Cervical neck injuries, nerve damage, or disfiguring cuts can also be caused by a car accident from running a stop sign. There may be an organ injury or organ rupture that could be caused by a car accident. There are a number of other injuries that may be internal too, so it is imperative that you receive medical treatment from medical professionals who are knowledgeable in treating car accident victims. An experienced car accident attorney can assist you in recommending medical professionals who understand the right treatments and tests that you need to receive in order to make sure you are properly treated and also that they are properly documented for evidence in your legal case.

An Experienced Car Accident Attorney is Important
Police officers do not usually witness the accident, but they will interview both drivers involved, talk to available witnesses, assess the accident scene and many intersections may use video surveillance. Obtain a police report is extremely important and a vital piece of evidence in maximizing your settlement. An experienced car accident attorney will know how to get this information.

Insurance companies for the negligent driver may deny fault in some cases, and they will most likely utilize tricks to minimize your settlement. Reconstruction experts could be hired to determine the truth of what occurred at the time of your accident. Generally, this is not necessary as an experienced car accident attorney is able to use evidence gathered at the scene of the accident, the police report and your medical injuries to prove negligence. 

Running a stop sign can cause serious injury and these types of car accidents and frankly, all types of car accidents require the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney to make sure that you receive a positive outcome to your case and that you are able to maximize your settlement.

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