Why You Should Not Represent Yourself for a Dallas Auto Accident or Motorcycle Accident. A Dallas Auto or Motorcycle Accident Attorney Explains.

Google is an amazing tool. You can find information about just about anything if you take the time to Google it. People are becoming less reliant on experts and more reliant on Google. Even though Google is great, there are some incidences where you should not use it and trust an expert. An example of that is when you get in an auto or motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one are involved in an auto or motorcycle accident, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced auto accident attorney or motorcycle accident attorney.

Why You Should Not Represent Yourself for a Dallas Auto Accident or Motorcycle Accident

You Do Not Know How to Collect the Evidence
While auto and motorcycle accidents happen everyday, they do not happen to the same people every day. When they do occur they can be life altering due to injuries, long term injuries and even death. An accident is not something a normal person deals with regularly so they will not have the knowledge an experienced personal injury attorney will have. An experienced attorney will know all the evidence that is required to formulate a strong case. Were there any witnesses? Did the accident occur at night or during the day? Were there cameras? Did you take pictures? Do you have medical records? What does your insurance say? What does the other driver’s insurance say? Those are just a few of the questions that you will have to answer. If you are injured during this accident then the complexity of these cases increases dramatically. These are the things that an experienced auto and motorcycle accident attorney deals with on a regular basis.

Prevent You From Saying Something That Hurts You
Insurance company adjusters are generally difficult to deal with and will try a number of tricks to reduce or deny your claims. One of their tricks is to get you to do or say something that will jeopardize your claim. If you hire an experienced attorney, then they can help you avoid saying something that will hurt you. In fact, the attorney will speak to the insurance company on your behalf to eliminate the chance of this happening and also eliminating the frustration that insurance companies can cause.

Deadlines can be Missed
There is a statute of limitations that applies to filing any personal injury claim. If the statute of limitations expires, then you will not be able to file a claim. That is why you will need to contact an attorney. The attorney will ensure that you meet all of the necessary deadlines.

Get the Proper Amount of Compensation
Insurance agents may seem like they are friendly. However, they are not on your side. They want to make sure that they underpay you or do not pay you at all. You will have the best chance of getting the compensation that you deserve if you hire an attorney.

Knowledge of the Law
Auto and motorcycle accident laws are quite complicated. It is hard for the average person to understand all of the laws that they will have to abide by. That is why representing yourself will likely not turn out well. Not only have lawyers received years of formal education but they deal with these types of accident cases on a daily basis.

Lawyers Have a Team
Most attorneys have a team of investigators at their disposal. They are prepared to investigate all of the details surrounding your case. Your legal team will leave no stone unturned in order to maximize your compensation for your case.

Calculate the Damages
Attorneys know how to properly calculate the damages. Their knowledge and experience will be vital in providing you the correct amount. Many people who try to represent themselves get frustrated with the process and take whatever number they are given. An experienced auto and motorcycle accident attorney provides you the best chance to maximize your claim.

Negotiation Takes Practices
Attorneys know how to negotiate with the insurance company. This is not a skill that you can learn from a Google search. It will take years of practice. Attorneys also know the following things play a role in proper negotiation.

  • Your odds of winning the trial.
  • Settlements that are similar to yours
  • The assets and insurance coverage of the defendant.

Many times people will become too emotional when representing themselves, which will hurt the negotiations with the insurance company. An attorney deals with this daily and can eliminate the aggravation that insurance companies love to frustrate individuals who try to represent themselves with.

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