How to Receive Compensation for Dental Injuries Caused by a Car Accident

Victims of car accidents often don’t realize they’re hurt immediately after the accident occurs. Adrenaline flowing in a person’s body is able to mask many types of injuries. Some may take hours or even days before realizing the true extent of their injuries. It’s possible for people to experience damage to their teeth as the result of the significant impact associated with a car accident. A face hitting a steering wheel, airbag and more can easily damage teeth. Some insurance companies may not take these injuries too seriously, and for that reason you should contact an attorney for help.

Compensation for Dental Injuries Caused by a Car Accident

Dental Injuries

A person’s teeth consist of five different parts. Each one of them is designed to protect the inner structure of the tooth known as the pulp. During a car accident, each of these parts of the teeth, or all of them, can be injured. One of the most common injuries accident victims experience is fractured or chipped teeth. When there is serious tooth damage, the tooth pulp can be exposed and may require a root canal. There are also avulsed teeth when an individual’s entire tooth is knocked out of their mouth. If a dental professional is not able to save the tooth, it may need to be replaced with an artificial one. It’s also common for a person involved in an accident to experience a root fracture to their tooth. This could cause the loss of the tooth and also require an artificial tooth replacement. All of these injuries are painful and expensive.

Valuing Damage

One of the keys to recovering from dental injuries from a car accident is valuing the damage. This will be determined by the what has been experienced and the required dental repair. It is possible for a plaintiff’s ability to eat and other habits to be changed forever. In some cases, it’s possible for a person to experience cosmetic damage to their appearance which impacts their livelihood and confidence. This is a case where pain and suffering are not limited to damaged teeth, but the negative impact it has on other areas of a plaintiff’s life.

Insurance Companies Formula

Most insurance companies will pay compensation for dental injuries based on a formula they have developed. A legal professional will know if the formula is fair or doesn’t meet their client’s needs. In most cases, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration. A formula isn’t always able to accurately value dental injuries from a car accident.


During the time between a car accident and going to trial, a plaintiff will have their teeth repaired. A jury won’t be able to view the plaintiff’s damage from the accident without evidence. This is why it is important to document as much of the damage as possible. This will involve records from a dentist or an oral surgeon and more detailed information about the treatment provided. Pictures of dental damage should be taken prior to the start of treatment. This makes it possible for the plaintiff to have more than their testimony to get a fair settlement. If documentation is not done correctly, a defendant could try and claim the plaintiff’s tooth damage wasn’t extensive and may have occurred prior to the accident.


A jury must be made aware the expense associated with treating damage to an individual’s teeth. A common procedure can cost thousands of dollars. A plaintiff may also have to pay more money for care and upkeep. This can be a problem if a person doesn’t have dental insurance.

When a plaintiff’s teeth are damaged in a car accident, it can also involve some type of head injury. This will increase the value of a claim, but insurance adjusters often don’t provide fair compensation when it comes to tooth damage. This is when it’s important to speak with an experienced attorney. They will know the value of a person’s damages and how to obtain a fair settlement. One that includes payment for any damage to a car accident victim’s teeth.

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