Safe Driving Tips for Winter Weather

Winter DrivingYour risk of getting into a serious accident is higher during the winter months because of adverse weather conditions. Car accident injuries can be serious, causing you to lose wages from work, have high medical expenses, or even lose your life. The Law Offices of David Kohm can help you get the compensation you deserve if you get into a winter car accident, but your best defense is to understand how to drive safely and avoid accidents during the winter. Here are some winter driving tips to help you get safely through the holiday season and the rest of the winter.

Don’t Drive If You Don’t Have To

The best way to avoid a serious accident in bad weather is to stay off the road. During icy, snowy days, stay home unless it’s absolutely imperative to go out. Many businesses are closed during severe storms, so you won’t have to go to work and your childrens’ events will probably be cancelled or postponed. Thus, in most cases there is no reason to drive. Stay home and enjoy the snow instead of trying to drive and risking an accident.

If it is not snowing hard enough for businesses in your area to be closed, ask yourself if you feel confident getting behind the wheel. Don’t drive if you lack confidence because nervous drivers can cause accidents on wet roads. For example, scared drivers often go too slow during snow, rain, or ice storms. This can cause accidents because people try to pull around you and have limited visibility and ability to stop.

Make Sure Your Car Is Prepared

Prepare your car ahead of time for snowy weather by getting a tune-up. You should have your brakes, tires, and lights checked in order to maximize your safety during winter weather. You should also have jumper cables, a spare tire, a car charger for your phone, and a roadside assistance plan so that you can take care of emergencies.

Leave Extra Time

If you must drive in snowy or icy conditions, you should leave extra time to get to your destination. This lets you drive more slowly and have more patience with other drivers who may be driving slowly. It’s safer to drive slower (though not unreasonably so) during icy weather; in addition, you may get stuck behind a snow plow. Never pass a plow. Not only are conditions worse ahead of the plow, but plow drivers often have very limited visibility.

Despite your best efforts at staying safe, you might be injured in an auto accident during snowy weather. Contact an Arlington accident attorney if you have a winter weather accident. You can call the Law Offices of David Kohm at 817-204-0900 to schedule a consultation.

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