Semi-Trucks Cause Catastrophic Injuries in Rear-End Accidents

One of the scariest driving situations motorists face on the highways is when an 18-wheeler is bearing down on their vehicle from the rear. There are no conventional personal vehicles on the road that are a physical match for a big-rig when impact is obvious. Tractor-trailers can do extensive damage regardless of the direction of impact, but the difference is the type of injuries that may be sustained based on the point of impact. Fatalities also commonly occur in any type of trucking accident because of the physical mass difference, especially when the crash occurs at a high rate of speed. But, rear-end collisions are different because they also usually involve the victim being forced down the highway with the truck when it is out of control. The result more often than not for those who survive is some type of catastrophic injury.

Truck Accident Rear-end Collision Injuries

Head and Neck Injuries

Head and brain injuries as well as neck and back injuries can be very serious even in a rear-end impact accident with a passenger vehicle, but big-rig collisions can result in debilitating injuries that last a lifetime. The cranial area is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body and any damage to either can be long-term and leave the victim incapacitated in a wide variety of traumatic or vegetative conditions. Neck injuries do not always result in fatality, but can also render victims unable to control their extremities.

Spine Injuries

Spine injuries are another common type of injury suffered when being struck from the rear by a big-rig. It is easy for passengers of conventional vehicles to be thrown about in any truck collision, including horizontal or backward movement. This violent trauma on the spine can easily result in a broken back or damaged vertebrae in any given collision, often leaving the injured victim in a permanent quad or paraplegic state.

Burns and Scarring

Another common factor in many big rig truck accidents is fire that may ignite when combustible fuels leak from the vehicles, resulting in actual explosion and severe burns. Serious burns can not only leave the a victim disfigured, but internal damage can be done as well that will also require lifetime treatment.

Financial Recovery for Catastrophic Injury from Truck Crashes

All catastrophic injuries are permanent in nature, and calculating a fair and equitable settlement amount can be a complicated task. The best part of being involved in a truck crash is that the shipping companies and big-rig owner-operators are required to carry significant insurance protection exactly because of the possibility of catastrophic injury when braking assemblies malfunction and other vehicles are struck from behind. The law of vehicular control requires drivers to control the forward motion of their vehicles, but other factors can impact a claim as well when the victim was driving and may have a significant comparative negligence rating. Regardless of the serious nature of catastrophic injuries, trucking companies and their insurers still evaluate all claims for legal reasons they can use to lessen or deny a claim, even when the impact is from the rear end. Punitive damages may also be awarded by a jury when a case goes to court because of gross negligence or a defective automotive product claim.

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