What to do if you Have Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Other Head Injury Due to a Motorcycle Accident in Texas. See How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help.

With little to no protection for bikers involved in an accident, life-changing and fatal injuries aren’t uncommon. Arguably during  one among the worst injuries an individual can sustain in a motorcycle accident may be a brain injury. When a motorbike accident victim who suffers a moderate to severe brain injury often has chronic issues to manage associated with the injury. After suffering a brain injury during a motorcycle accident, you would possibly are told you’ve got a TBI and you aren’t really sure exactly what happened to your body or about your prognosis. If you or a beloved are involved during a motorcycle accident leading to a traumatic brain injury, you would like to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to find out about your compensation options.

What to do if you Have Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Other Head Injury Due to a Motorcycle Accident in Texas.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?
A brain injury, more formally mentioned as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), occurs when the traditional function of the brain is disrupted “by a bump, blow, or jolt to the top , or penetrating head injury”. Brain injuries home in severity from mild TBIs, also called concussions, to severe TBIs, which could render a victim comatose or during a permanent vegetative state. Motorcyclists, especially those that don’t wear helmets, face a high risk for brain injuries when an accident occurs. It’s not uncommon for the impact of an accident, especially one at high speeds, to throw a biker from their motorcycle, causing them to strike their head on the bottom .

Types of Brain Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents
Medical professionals distinguish between five differing types of TBIs. you would possibly have experienced one or more of those during your motorcycle accident.

A concussion is that the commonest sort of TBI. Although mild concussions may heal, many don’t, and high concussions can leave a motorbike accident victim with a lifetime of difficulties. When a biker experiences an immediate blow to their head or sudden movement during the impact of an accident, the likely result’s a concussion. Concussions can cause permanent damage, but many also heal after a couple of months or a couple of years of treatment.

During a motorbike accident, bikers who experience an immediate impact to the top risk a contusion. this is often a flowery name for a bruise, but it indicates bleeding on the brain. One common cause for surgery after a brain injury during a motorcycle accident is when doctors got to remove large contusions that are putting pressure on the brain.

Coup-contrecoup Injury
A coup-contrecoup brain injury occurs once you have contusions on each side of your brain. If you hit your head hard enough during your accident, the force causes a contusion upon impact, but your brain also slams into the opposite side of your skull, causing a second contusion.

Diffuse Axonal Injury
Diffuse axonal injuries are common in traffic accidents due to the strong interaction of impact, especially at high speeds. These injuries occur when your head moves but your brain doesn’t, causing nervous tissue throughout your brain to tear as your brain lags behind the movement. When the nervous tissue tears, certain brain chemicals are released, causing further injury. These torn nerves interrupt normal brain function and may cause permanent brain damage, including a short lived or permanent coma or vegetative state.

Penetration Injury
A penetration injury occurs when a pointy object breaks the skin and skull and goes into the brain, taking hair, skin, and bone fragments with it. These sorts of injuries aren’t as common in motorcycle accidents because the others listed above. If you experienced a penetration injury during your accident, it had been likely because your head landed on something sharp or a fraction from the car penetrated your head. Accidents involving high speeds are more likely to make the conditions for a penetration injury than people who occur at slower speeds.

The Financial Impact of a Brain Injury
Brain injuries are notorious for being one among the foremost expensive sorts of injuries. they are available with an outsized financial burden which will devastate a household, sometimes well into or maybe after recovery. Economic costs you would possibly be facing after a brain injury from a motorbike accident include:

Medical expenses. If you suffered a TBI, your medical costs might include ambulance and emergency services, hospitalization, diagnostic imaging of your brain, follow-up visits for continued symptoms, pain medication, and within the most severe cases, surgery.

Rehabilitation expenses. With the loss of brain function, many TBI victims must visit specialists to regain function. this will include sessions with physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and behavioral therapists.

Long-term medical care. counting on the extent of the brain injury, a victim may need to stay in long-term medical care for weeks, months, years, or indefinitely. Even when released, victims might need in-home medical care to assist them transition.

Home modifications. The impact of a brain injury might require families to create a wheelchair ramp, install handrails, add safety features to predicament faucets, and install extra locks, doors, and alarms. of these protective changes can make a home more accessible for the victim, but even the smallest amount expensive fixes can add up to thousands of dollars.

Replacement services. Before a TBI from a motorbike accident, the victim may need had several household responsibilities. When a brain injury victim cannot contribute, it puts more pressure on other members of their family, who often got to hire outside help. Examples include cleaning services, lawn care services, grocery shopping or meal delivery service, and childcare services.

Lost wages. Suffering a brain injury usually means time faraway from work, and therefore the most severe injuries can prevent a victim from ever returning to their job. Lost wages and therefore the potential of future lost wages are often one among the foremost devastating financial impacts for brain injury victims and their families. Although disability payments might help, they’re going to not replace a full income.

Having an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney on your side helps you in recovering the compensation you’ll need so as to buy the expenses above. A traumatic brain injury caused by a motorbike accident may be a life changing event and presumably would require a considerable amount of cash to properly treat and look after the victim.

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