What to Do When You are Served Divorce Papers in the State of Texas? A Divorce Attorney Explains.

When the happily ever after vows hit a dead end, what began as a beautiful relationship can end up in hatred. Some people see signs of a possible divorce from afar and get emotionally prepared early enough, but to others, divorce comes as a surprise. Separating with someone you have shared a life with for whatever amount of time can be difficult for anyone. Therefore if you get served with divorce papers, your reaction of disbelief is understandable. Even as you absorb your shock, the next steps you take after that determine how well your interest will be represented in the divorce. Talking to a renowned Divorce Attorney will help you forge a way forward through finding the legal options available in your situation. 

What to Do When You are Served Divorce Papers in the State of Texas A Divorce Attorney Explains

Why you need to contact an attorney immediately after service of the divorce papers

The legal procedures in the state of Texas and everywhere else within the United States are very particular about timelines. Once you receive the divorce papers, it is crucial that you take some time off your busy schedule and read through to establish not only the content of the divorce papers but also the timeline upon which you are required to respond. Usually, the process server is supposed to serve you with two documents; one called a citation and the other the original divorce petition. The citation is what contains the required time within which to respond. Contacting an attorney as soon as you can, therefore, will help you avoid being caught up with any strict timelines. 

Once divorce papers are served on you despite any conflicting feelings, you might be having. You will have to choose whether you want to contest it or not. In either scenario, whether you want to pursue an uncontested or contested divorce, an attorney will offer you legal advice on the issues for determination so that your interest in other things tied to divorces like child custody and property can be addressed. 

Generally, a Divorce attorney has the relevant skills and knowledge to help you maneuver through your divorce. Most people who often begin the divorce process alone end up seeking legal help later. The specific paperwork, strict court timelines and strong arguments arising from the petitioner’s side can throw you into a state of confusion. Any good attorney is of the knowledge that cases are won and lost in chambers. So what does this exactly mean for you? It means that in a divorce case, preparation is everything. 

When a divorce is mentioned couples with marital and personal property will immediately think of how to secure their interest best. Judges want to see valid documentation as proof of property ownership. Documents like titles to property, bank account documents, retirement benefits, taxes etc. will be required for purposes of reconciliation and after that allocating equity. Therefore how prepared you get to determine how soon you will have the divorce finalized. 

Response to petition

The wording of a response to a petition greatly determines whether all issues have been addressed. The divorce process does not bring to a standstill the life of your children or even your personal life. Therefore the response to the original petition is your chance to seek Court directions or your soon to be ex-spouse’s indulgence on the way forward as regards temporary custody of the children, support, bills like rent, fees until finalization of the divorce. 

Always remember that you are in control of the decisions you make in your divorce. However, working with an attorney is the sure way to make legally informed decisions that are arrived after accessing the legal consequences. Your decisions pause.Call our law offices today at any of our convenient locations and get a free consultation.

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