What You Should Know in Order to Get a Settlement from a Tanker Truck Accident? A Truck Accident Attorney Explains.

Tanker truck accidents are usually deadly. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association claims that 78% of tanker truck accidents are caused by driver error. Depending on what the truck is carrying, it may explode if the impact is severe or if there is a head on collision. Because tanker truck accidents result in severe injury or wrongful death, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced truck accident attorney who can properly represent you due to the complexity of these types of cases and severity of the injuries to the victims.

What You Should Know in Order to Get a Settlement from a Tanker Truck Accident

Tanker Truck Rollover Accident Attorneys
An experienced truck accident lawyer know very well that truck accidents normally implicate the trucking company, the persons who loaded the truck, the manufacturer of parts in the vehicle, highway officials and many other stakeholders who could have contributed to the accident. An experienced truck accident attorney will know how to interpret the accident scene and the proper path to follow in order to maximize your settlement.

What is a Tanker Truck?
A tanker truck is a commercial vehicle that transports dry bulk loads, gaseous, and liquid. Dangerous liquid materials include wastewater, gasoline, or chemicals, while non-hazardous liquid materials include milk, water, and other consumables. 

Gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, butane, and propane are dangerous. Dry bulk cargo includes agricultural products, chemicals, consumables, manufacturing byproducts, minerals, and waste.  

Tanker Trucks and Highway Accidents
Just like other large vehicles, a tanker truck has large blind spots and is more likely to experience rollover and jackknife accidents, because it is heavy and conspicuous, if a small vehicle swerves or stops suddenly in front of it, it is much more difficult to stop and control as compared to a normal vehicle. The situation can be dire if the truck is carrying a dangerous liquid.  

The air brakes of a tanker truck can fail at times, the loads that are connected to a hitch may not be connected accordingly, and insulated or pressurized tanks can also cause accidents. 

Long Stopping Distance and Vehicular Weight are the Main Causes off Tank Truck Accidents
Many factors may cause a truck accident, but the stopping distance and the weight of a truck are the main causes of truck crashes. A normal car weighs about 2.5 tons while a tanker truck can weigh up to 40 tons. 

It takes a lot of effort and time to stop a tanker truck than a normal car. For instance, if a tanker truck and a car drive at the same speed of 50mph, and they brake at the same time, the tanker truck will travel 55 feet further to stop then the car. 

The tanker truck would require 525 feet to stop after braking, which is almost 1.5 lengths of football fields. Another crucial factor is speed when applying brakes. The faster a car is, the longer it will take to break. Due to the weight and size of a big truck, truck accidents and fatalities are prone to occur. 

Curved Corners are Deadly
Driving at high speeds around curved corners can cause a major accident. Even though truck accidents are not common, they usually cause severe damage and multiple deaths if they occur, and the cost of damage could toll up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck rollover, consider hiring a tanker truck accident attorney to help you find compensation for property damage, medical bills, suffering, pain, and low salaries due to missed work. 

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