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The Law Offices of David Kohm is a personal injury law firm in Coppell, TX providing residents the best source of legal representation and counsel in the area. Whether you are the victim of a pedestrian accident or suffered a personal injury while on the job, you can count on our professional and experienced personal injury attorneys in Coppell to represent you to the fullest of their ability. Our team of personal injury attorneys will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Pedestrian Accident Information for Coppell Residents

Some drivers ignore the fact that pedestrians have the right of way. Distractions can cause drivers to lack common courtesy or alertness, and unfortunately, pedestrians often fall victim to negligent drivers when this happens. A pedestrian accident can lead to expensive medical bills and lost wages, so it’s important that you find a personal injury attorney who can get you the compensation you deserve. We will investigate your case for the best possible outcome.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Coppell, TX

An important characteristic of a trustworthy personal injury attorney is one that allows you to see a clear fee structure. This way, you know exactly what you are getting into, and you can compare rates with personal injury law firms in the area. This also can also save you from additional fees later.

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