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When it comes to your financial well being and settling claims or filing lawsuits, the Law Offices of David Kohm provide you the best source of legal advice and backing in the Richardson, Texas area. Whether you are the victim of a dog bite accident or going through a divorce and need expert legal advice, you can count on our distinguished Richardson personal injury attorneys to represent you to the fullest of their ability.

With over 20 years of litigation experience, Richardson residents can trust the Law Offices of David Kohm to help them reach a favorable outcome. Our personal injury law firm is known for the following practice areas:

Dog Bite Information for Richardson Residents

Establishing liability after a dog bite may prove to be difficult, especially since many dog bites happen to young children. Generally, the bite is not the dog’s fault, but rather an owner in violation of laws or codes such as having their dog on a leash or improper handling. Our personal injury attorneys are excellent at investigating such incidences in order to prove liability and help get compensation for injury.

Choosing a Richardson Personal Injury Attorney

The best way to choose a Richardson personal injury attorney is to research law firms in the area and interview them in person. Whomever you hire will be acting on your behalf, so it’s important you choose a personal injury attorney you trust. It is crucial that you are comfortable with whoever is representing you, and you won’t know until you interview them. They must make you confident about working with them and the case, as well as a safe person to share necessary personal matters with.

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