5 Most Common Reasons for an 18 Wheeler Accident. An Arlington Truck Accident Attorney Explains

Transport vehicles like 18-wheelers play an integral role in helping companies and organizations ship heavy duty goods from one location to another. That said, the sheer size of these 18-wheeler trucks often contribute to the cause and severity of truck accidents. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident in Arlington, Texas or the DFW area it is important that you retain the services of an experienced truck accident attorney. They will be able to help you maximize your claim, in addition to guiding you through the very complex process of dealing with difficult commercial trucking insurance companies. The following are 5 common factors that often contribute to 18-wheeler accidents:

5 Most Common Reasons for an 18 Wheeler Accident

  1. Jackknifing
    Transport trucks like 18-wheelers are comprised of the cab, which is the portion of the vehicle from where the driver operates the vehicle and the trailer, the large enclosed section attached to the can containing the specific good or product the rig is hauling. If the driver is forced to stop short due to weather conditions or some unexpected traffic event, the trailer can become separated from the rig by turning at awkward angles. This occurrence is known as jack knifing and is a common precipitator of accidents and major traffic snarls often seen on highways.

  2. Unbalanced Truck Loads
    Sometimes, 18-wheelers haul too much weight. An overweight load can cause the vehicle in question to gain unwanted speed, which can result in potentially serious problems like rollovers, tire blow outs that spin the truck out of control or the inability to stop, especially when traveling downhill.

  3. Driver Fatigue
    The operators of 18-wheelers are often asked to drive long distances on extremely tight deadlines. In many instances, this potentially lethal combination does not afford truck drivers the time to obtain proper amounts of rest. This lack of rest can result in the driver experiencing physical and mental fatigue, which could result in illness or diminished mental clarity. Moreover, 18-wheeler operators are often exposed to elevated stress levels. Chronic stress could also result in a host of ailments and a decline in mental focus. Either circumstances could significantly increase the chances of an accident.
  4. Inadequately Trained Operators
    Typically, 18-wheeler operators are required to hold special licenses and may be required to meet specific eligibility and experience requirements. Unfortunately, however, certain trucking companies might try to skirt around these mandates and employ drivers that do not meet such strict criteria. A solid number of traffic mishaps involving 18-wheelers can be attributed to a driver’s lack of knowledge regarding important subjects like proper traveling weight, as well as the improper observation of mechanical or safety procedures.

  5. Unsafe Driving Practices
    Irresponsible driving practices are often also the cause of accidents involving 18-wheelers. Research compiled the Federal Motor Safety Administration concluded that usage of alcohol and illicit substances is increased amongst truck operators. Furthermore, mishaps are also commonly caused by drivers using their cellphones to either talk or submit text messages while operating their vehicles.

    Trucking company owners and managers are encouraged to ensure that the vehicles they use are subject to proper maintenance schedules and that the operators they employ meet all state and federal eligibility and experience requirements, in addition to receiving the adequate amount of training. Traffic experts recommend that truck operators obtain as much rest as possible, refrain from engaging in potentially detrimental practices and obey all traffic and speed limit laws.

    Motorists may reduce their chances of becoming involved in an accident involving an 18-wheeler by obeying traffic regulations and maintaining vigilance when sharing the highway with these crafts, especially during adverse weather or other challenging conditions. 

Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney
Fortunately, there are steps that both truck operators and other motorists can employ that may reduce the risk of 18-wheeler accidents. However, accidents do happen and if you or a loved one is involved in an 18-wheeler accident it is imperative that you hire an experienced truck accident attorney. A truck accident attorney will be able to assist you in handling these types of complex cases. The commercial truck insurance company will be focused on reducing or denying your claim, but an experienced truck accident attorney will know the tricks and tactics that insurance adjusters use. 

An experienced truck accident attorney can also help you find proper medical attention with medical professionals that can get you the correct care and tests, in addition to documenting all of these procedures so that they can be used in maximizing your case settlement.

If you are interested in maximizing your claim against the trucking company and the driver that caused your injuries then you need to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer.

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