School Bus Accident Attorney

School Bus Accident Attorney in DFW Area

The Arlington & DFW school bus accident attorneys of the Law Offices of David S. Kohm practice almost exclusively in motor vehicle accidents. We know how to fully investigate an accident scene in order to prove fault. We know fair value is for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage. We understand the special legal issues when buses are involved. And we will diligently work for you until you get the compensation you deserve.

Unlike car accidents, there are special circumstances surrounding school bus accidents. Normally in the event of a vehicle accident your attorney would help investigate the other driver for fault and pursue a settlement or verdict for compensation against their insurance carrier. However in the cases where the school system is involved, there are often several additional considerations, and determining who is at fault can sometimes be more difficult due to additional factors such as:

  • The driver may lack the proper license for driving the bus.
  • The driver may not have received proper training or may lack required certifications.
  • The driver may not be allowed to drive the bus for legal reasons such as a prior DUI.
  • The driver may have been under the influence of drugs and the school may not be testing drivers regularly.
  • The driver could have a history of accidents or carelessness which was ignored by the school decision makers.

Call our experienced team immediately if you or a loved one was hit by a school bus, or injured while traveling on a bus to school as a passenger. Our Arlington & DFW bus accident attorneys of the Law Offices of David S. Kohm have won settlements for clients throughout Collin County, Dallas County, Tarrant County, and surrounding communities.

If you or a loved one have been a victim with injuries in any of the following accident scenarios you need to contact us to find out what your rights are:

  • Were you a passenger that was injured on a school bus or shuttle that was in an accident?
  • Was your car or truck in an accident with a school bus?
  • Do you have a child that was hit by a bus at school or on the way home?
  • Did a bus collide with your bicycle or your child’s bicycle while commuting to school or work?
  • Did you or a loved one slip and fall while riding a bus or boarding the bus?

The Law Office of David S. Kohm will aggressively seek a favorable settlement on your behalf regardless of whether the bus accident involved a city bus, school bus, private coach, a Greyhound bus or airport shuttle. We can help you get the medical care you need. You won’t have to pay any money directly. The doctors would agree to be paid a portion of the settlement. We won’t have to pay us any money directly either. Our Arlington & DFW bus accident attorneys don’t make any money unless you collect.

Contact us online or call to speak with one of our Arlington & DFW bus accident attorneys at the Law Offices of David Kohm for a free case evaluation and consultation. We will come to your home, hospital or doctor’s office to make the process as easy for you to get through as possible.

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