Arlington & DFW Community Property Division

Community Property Division Attorneys

Are you facing divorce?  The Law Office of David Kohm has years of experience in divorces, especially in Arlington and DFW community property division.  The property you brought into the relationship, along with property acquired during the marriage, and property you inherited during the marriage.  If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement then establishing an equitable division may be difficult.  A lot will depend on whether you or your spouse is self employed, pre-marital assets or a prenuptial agreement, real estate partnerships, corporate executive comp packages, stocks or business interests, property inherited or received as a gift or held under trust, and more.

Although you may be enticed to hurry into a quick agreement to minimize the emotional and economical burdens regarding the divorce, you may possibly be cheating yourself out of substantial resources or revenue. The discovery of any undisclosed or erroneously characterized assets that will result in being a part of your community property, or income that could support you and your loved ones can make a substantial improvement on the quality of your life after the divorce and a significant impact on your long term future.

Appropriate preparation can help you stay clear of financial troubles which come up prior to, throughout, or right after your marriage. No matter where you are in the divorce proceedings, you’ll want to protect your financial assets. Working with the Kohm Law Firm, you will surround yourself with a knowledgeable team of professional advisers who use leading-edge tactics pertaining to community property division, which will certainly strengthen your chances of an equitable settlement.

Our Attorneys at The Law Offices of David Kohm can help you plan so that you can avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to dividing your community property. These mistakes can have a lasting impact on your and your children’s lives.  My staff and I will work closely with you to ensure that all assets are disclosed and divided properly so that you need not face an uncertain future.