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David Kohm Can Help You With Your Domestic Violence Matters

David Kohm is a domestic violence attorney in Arlington and DFW with over 20 years of experience handling domestic violence cases. If you’re a victim of domestic violence in Texas, you need to take legal action and get protection before your situation escalates.  Domestic violence usually implies that one spouse has assaulted another spouse or there has been physical violence between a couple that are in an intimate relationship. In Texas, domestic violence is regarded as a serious crime and will be treated accordingly upon notification from the victim or other parties who report the incident on behalf of the victim.

Protective Order

As a qualified domestic violence attorney in Arlington and DFW, I advise clients of domestic violence to seek a protective order issued by the court to prevent further abuse from continuing.  I have assisted clients with this process and know the value of getting this order issued expediently. The applicant is not required to pay any fees or court costs associated with the court order. If an order is issued, the offending party named in the court order pays the fees unless they are indigent or have other good cause. The offending party also has the right to appeal a protective order, so you need an experienced domestic violence attorney on your side to avoid being forced back into an abusive situation.

Temporary Orders

You may also apply for a court order that prevents the offending party from occupying your home. To acquire this temporary injunction, you must file a sworn affidavit describing the domestic violence and appear in person to testify at the hearing. Before the court can grant the order, you must prove that you have resided at the joint residence at least 30 days prior to requesting the court order. Also it must be shown that the offending party committed domestic violence within 30 days prior to the application for the temporary order. The court must also find that there is a clear and present danger that your assailant will commit domestic violence against other members of your household.

Medical Professional’s Responsibilities

If you seek treatment for any domestic violence injuries your health care provider or medical professional must take certain actions. These actions include:

  • Giving you information regarding local family violence shelters
  • Note in your medical record the reasons or belief that your injuries were caused by domestic violence
  • Give you a written notice, in both English and Spanish, explaining that domestic violence is a crime and that you have a right to file a criminal complaint and get a protective order against the abuser


Anyone who acts in good faith and contacts law enforcement about the domestic violence incident is granted immunity from liability in subsequent civil proceedings. If the person reports a domestic violence incident in bad faith or provides false information, they are not protected from liability.

Whether you are going through a separation or a divorce, the help of a domestic violence attorney can help you navigate this often-confusing process. Divorce can often be a difficult, stressful time in anyone’s life, but you can alleviate some of these worries knowing that you have intelligence and experience on your side with The Law Offices of David Kohm.

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