Whiplash Injury, Neck and Back Injuries

Onset and Severity of Injuries

Back and neck injuries are by far the most common in an auto accident. When another vehicle impacts with yours, the force of the collision transfers directly into your body. Because an impact causes a sudden jolt, many victims of car accidents experience “whiplash”-the jerking back and forth of the head which pulls on the vertebrae. The amount of force your body experiences is greatly influenced by the speed of the vehicles involved and how the accident occurs. More severe symptoms include numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, diminished range of motion, feeling  intense heat, and fatigue.

Delayed Physiological Response

It is very common for victims of car accidents to start getting worse instead of better after an accident. A couple days following your accident, your injuries may start to inflame, which causes more pain. It is very important to seek prompt medical treatment to help deal with these worsening symptoms. If you don’t seek medical attention for your traumatic injury, you could be dealing with the effects of the accident for years to come. Chiropractic doctors are especially trained to diagnose and alleviate traumatic back and neck injuries.

Working with Doctors

One of the things our law office can do for you is help you get the medical treatment you need for your personal injury without having to pay for anything directly. We often negotiate with doctors to be paid out of the settlement that we get from the insurance company, so you can get the care that you need without having to worry about paying bills. We have a close working relationship with many local doctors, and this allows us to get you the best possible treatment and results. Another service that we often employ is negotiating with your medical providers to reduce their bills-which is money in your pocket.

Protect Your Rights

As your legal counsel, it is our responsibility at the Law Offices of David Kohm to advise you on the best course of action to get what you rightfully deserve. Seeking prompt medical attention further protects your rights after an accident since it helps substantiate with objective evidence what you are experiencing. If you wait too long, you may not be able to get the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve. Contact David S. Kohm & Associates for a free consultation.