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Over the last several years more and more families have gravitated to buy sport utility vehicles (SUV) because of their ability to accommodate more passengers and the recreation qualities of going where most cars can’t.  With the increase of SUV’s on the roads, there is also an increase in Dallas 7 fort Worth rollover accidents which our personal injury attorneys deal with on a regular basis.

Accident Attorney David Kohm represents Dallas & Fort Worth rollover accident victims & their families, SUV’s in particular have a high incidence of rollover accidents. This has facilitated a greater number of serious injuries and fatalities than other passenger vehicles. The flaw is in the way SUVs are constructed. The experts have noted two primary flaws in the design of SUV’s which have resulted in countless injuries and fatalities.

Disproportional Stability — A majority of all SUV’s on the roads today are taller and narrower than most other passenger cars. This fact gives SUV’s much higher centers of gravity, so they are top-heavy. They also have much narrower wheel base. The sudden weight shift that occurs in an accident can trigger a tire to blow-out. The combination of these factors leads to many serious accidents.

Weak Frames — SUV’s also have weak roof supports and roof pillars that may collapse from the excessive weight once the SUV is upside down. Another design flaw has been in the door locks and door latches failing, causing the driver or passengers to be further injured or even ejected from the SUV.

Beyond the issues noted above, there are numerous other reasons your SUV can be involved in a rollover accident, so contact an experienced and knowledgeable Dallas & Fort Worth personal injury accident lawyer. We can determine if there are grounds to file suit against the insurance companies and auto or tire manufacturer for your losses to get you the maximum settlement you need for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any lasting disability. We can help ensure you get the medical care you need by not having to pay doctors any money directly. They would agree to be paid out of your settlement. You don’t have to pay us any money directly either. We don’t make any money unless you collect.

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