Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Our Arlington & DFW Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a delicate process that requires a meticulous attorney, like someone from our experienced team. Our Arlington & DFW Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Office of David S. Kohm have defended thousands of bankruptcy clients.  We ensure that your Chapter 13 petition yields a schedule that is fair to both you, and your creditors.

Under a chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor proposes a 3-5 year repayment plan to the creditors offering to pay off all or part of the debts from the debtor’s future income. You can use Chapter 13 to prevent a house foreclosure; make up missed car or mortgage payments; pay back taxes; stop interest from accruing on your tax debt (local, Texas state, or federal); keep valuable non-exempt property

Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires experienced legal representation. One of the many pitfalls of Chapter 13 reorganization is that any one of your creditors can object to your repayment schedule. The court may find that your income is insufficient to cover your debt. You may also lack adequate work history. Your Chapter 13 petition can be denied based upon these requirements. That is exactly why you need a bankruptcy attorney from the Law Offices of David Kohm to help ensure that your petition is upheld.

To file Chapter 13 bankruptcy you must have a “regular source of income” and have some disposable income to apply towards your Chapter 13 payment plan. However, for the vast majority of individuals who simply want to eliminate their heavy debt burden without paying any of it back, Chapter 7 provides the most attractive choice. If you are seeking to catch up on debt an lower monthly payments a debt settlement may also be an option for you.

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