Divorce Mediation Services

Reputable DFW Mediator Helps Settle Conflicts

Arlington and DFW divorce attorney, David Kohm and his team of qualified attorneys, know that divorce mediation is all about communication and cooperation. If these two elements are present between the client and their soon to be ex-spouse, then creating an agreement that resolves the family dispute is much more palatable than going through the court process of divorce. Divorce is like an IRS audit, no one wants to be there.  With divorce mediation, you may believe that it will solve all your issues but mutual cooperation is required from both parties, and sometimes this is next to impossible.  Many times clients start seeing a mediator and realize that their only recourse is a trial. For those who do solve their issues using a mediator, they will find that there is a lot less emotional, psychological, and financial costs when all is said and done.

Getting the Most from Divorce Mediation in Arlington

For there to be success with mediation, both spouses need to set aside their differences and focus on the issues at hand.  During this process, there must be some give and take from each party and each of you may be asked to yield on some issues that you originally told yourself there would be no compromise.  Divorce mediation is about what is best for the family, not about the individual, especially when there are minor children involved and you have issues with child custody.

Our DFW mediators realizes that divorce isn’t going to be enjoyable, but with our guidance and support we can help you and your spouse create a family blueprint that allows you to both go on living separately while ensuring that children are still cared for. In Texas, divorce mediation is required before you can go to court to have your divorce issues decided. However, it is not simply something you must get through since it can be very beneficial. Many of our clients come into mediation very skeptical about their ability to work out issues with their spouse, but many times both people come to realize that there is a mutually beneficial compromise that avoids the hassle and uncertainty of a divorce by trial.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

  • Financially, mediation is cheaper than going to trial to decide these issues.
  • Because you both created the agreement, it’s much easier to follow and live with than what a family law judge decrees.
  • Your mediation agreement is amendable. As time passes and situations change, you both can modify the terms if need be without third parties telling you what to do.
  • Communication improves between parents and children as all become involved in making sure the focus is on what’s best for the family.

Whether you choose to resolve your issues in your divorce mediation or go to trial, you will need the expert legal representation provided by The Law Offices of David Kohm. We can help ensure that you receive the fairest division for your marriage.

To speak with a DFW mediator, call David Kohm at 817-204-9000, or fill out our online form.