Contested Divorce

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Our Arlington & DFW contested divorce attorney at the Law Offices of David S. Kohm have years of experience in dealing with and handling a contested divorce. When a client wants to file for a contested divorce in Texas it’s because they are asserting either at-fault grounds provided by statute or the no-fault ground of non-support. The at-fault reasons for a divorce include domestic violence, adultery, felony conviction, abandonment, and a spouse’s confinement in a mental hospital. In order to file, the statute’s residency provisions require that either the petitioner or respondent has resided in the state six months prior to filing.

Contested divorces are generally more difficult and costly since us as your attorneys must negotiate with your spouse’s attorney and defend your position to a judge. You need our experienced Arlington & DFW contested divorce attorneys, especially in a contested divorce to ensure you receive a fair division of property and child arrangements. A contested divorce filed for reasons of non-support is usually on the grounds that certain issues (child support, child custody, division of property) cannot be agreed upon outside of court. At this point the courts must get involved to hear testimony and determine how the assets will be divided, who will reside in the home, and if there are children involved, decide on custody and visitation issues.

Most couples, when faced with the reality of allowing a court to decide their fate, will choose to reach an agreed settlement which is considered a uncontested divorce. However, in the case of domestic violence, abuse or infidelity, a divorce by trial is recommended.

If you are considering this legal action it is important to speak with one of our qualified Arlington & DFW contested divorce attorneys before deciding what action you want to pursue. At the Law Offices of David Kohm we offer a complimentary consultation to help you sort out these legal matters. Should you need to file, we will be there to assist in the preparation of your case and be there for you throughout the trial.

If you have other questions contact us online or call our Arlington & DFW contested divorce attorneys for a complementary legal consultation.

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