Auto Accidents at a Stop Light Can Cause Serious Injuries. See How a Texas Car Accident Attorney Can Help.

Most drivers adhere to the rules of red lights and stop signs, but those who don’t can end up causing serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. Unfortunately, many drivers disregard their own safety and the safety of others simply because they are in a hurry to get somewhere or they are distracted while driving and don’t even realize they failed to stop at an intersection. Just about everyone has run a red light or a stop sign on accident before, but some drivers that are speeding excessively or driving recklessly speed up during a yellow light and end up causing a major accident. Most accidents where a driver speeds up to avoid stopping at a red light are severe and cause serious injuries to both parties. If you or a loved one have been injured by someone that ran a stop light it is imperative that you contact an experienced car accident attorney to assist you in recovering compensation for your injuries. 

Auto Accidents at a Stop Light Can Cause Serious Injuries

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help You in Determining Fault?

In just about all instances, a police officer did not physically witness the car crash.  Instead, the officer will make a determination of fault by interviewing both drivers involved and talking to available witnesses.  He or she will also examine both the automobiles involved for any signs of speeding or other factors that will help the officer determine fault.  If you are around a busy intersection, there is also a chance that surveillance or security cameras were recording the accident on video.  Obtaining the video can sometimes be difficult but it holds a lot of weight as evidence. Your car accident attorney will know how to obtain this information.  After all of this, the officer will complete his police report and file the official traffic crash report.  An experienced car accident attorney will make sure that we receive these reports along with any video evidence and start working on your case.  Many times, a traffic crash report is incorrect and your car accident attorney needs to prove that the other vehicle was at fault.  An experienced car accident attorney will be able to do this by re-interviewing witnesses, analyzing the video surveillance, obtaining any possible phone or texting records from mobile carriers, and more.

Your car accident attorney can also look at the damage of your vehicle and the other vehicles to determine who was at fault. 

What are the Main Causes of Red Light Traffic Accidents?


  • The driver speeds up to “make the light” while the light is yellow.  They end up entering the intersection while the light is red which is obviously a very dangerous situation.  Cars that are turning or driving perpendicular to the driver running the red light lead to a major collision. 
  • Many drivers realize that speeding up to make the light isn’t possible and slam on the brakes.  This still causes the vehicle to enter the intersection because they weren’t able to stop in due time. 
  • A vehicle is simply distracted or reckless and doesn’t even notice the red light.  The driver then gets in a crash with another vehicle that is simply going through a green light. 
  • A vehicle that is legally in the intersection makes a left-hand turn after the traffic signal is red.  Another driver (who is not aware the 1st car is turning left) speeds up on the green light and collides with the car making a legal left. 
  • Poor weather conditions making it difficult to see the traffic light clearly.  This could include heavy rain, heavy snow, ice, fog, and a sun that is blinding.

What are Common Injuries Caused By Red Light Traffic Accidents?
Typical red light accidents result in violent collisions considering the speed of the vehicles involved.  These types of major collisions result in major losses in property damage, possibly totaling one or both vehicles, and severe personal injuries.  Some common injuries that are caused by red light crashes include neck, shoulder, back and whiplash injuries.  Hip, leg, and multiple fractures are all very possible along with spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. 

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