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Wrongful Death Assistance in Arlington

A wrongful death occurs when a person or company causes someone’s death because of a negligent or intentional act. When an individual dies because of another person’s or an organization’s actions, survivors can sue for compensatory or punitive damages, which can include medical and funeral costs. Sometimes defendants are awarded money for emotional suffering resulting […]

Arlington TX Wrongful Death Lawyer

Friends and family are a source of immeasurable joy in any person’s life, so any occurrence that affects these relationships can be deeply disturbing and unsettling. When such an event, such as a car accident, leads to the death of a loved one, it is nothing short of tragic. During this tough time, emotions run […]

Wrongful Death Lawsuits with the Law Offices of David Kohm

Losing a loved one through wrongful death is one of the most traumatizing experiences anyone will ever have to go through. Aside from the loss of your loved one, you can now be faced with mounting debt from medical bills and funeral costs, making for an uncertain financial future. While no monetary settlement can ever […]

Your Arlington TX Lawyer Can Help with Wrongful Death Auto Accidents

The Arlington TX Law Offices of David Kohm understands there is no amount of money that can ever replace the loss of a family member who is the victim of a wrongful death auto accident. Whether the negligent party was distracted, driving drunk, texting on their cell phone, or lost in thought; justice should be […]