Why You Should Consult ASAP with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Regarding a Serious Injury or Death From a Motorcycle Accident?

Although the causes of the accidents vary, there is no question that motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities continue to rise in and around Dallas. Officials blame the rise on the increasing number of motorcycle owners and our climate that allows nearly 12 months of riding weather. But a significant number of motorcycle accidents in and around Dallas are caused by inattentive drivers of passenger vehicles.

Consult a Motorcycle Attorney

Texas Motorcycle Accident Statistics
Texas is always at or near the top in motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities. That keeps our motorcycle accident attorney busy. In our accident investigations, it’s not unusual for drivers to testify that they either didn’t see the motorcycle approaching, or they didn’t see it until it was too late. That leads us to believe that in critical situations, they’re not looking twice.

Statewide Numbers
The most recent ascertainable motorcycle accident statistics in Texas are from 2017. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in that year, 501 motorcycle operators and passengers died in crashes. About 52 percent of those people weren’t wearing helmets. Another 147 passengers suffered debilitating injuries. Thousands of other riders and passengers suffered injuries that were less severe.

Why Do They Violate the Right-of-Way?
Motorcycles have low and narrow profiles in traffic. Many riders don’t make themselves conspicuous by turning their lights on during daylight hours or by wearing bright colored clothes. Our personal injury attorneys find that failure to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the primary cause of motorcycle crashes with other vehicles, especially when those vehicles were turning left, and the motorcycle was proceeding straight ahead.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys have heard many of those negligent motorists testify that they either didn’t see the motorcycle, or they didn’t see it until it was too late to avoid a collision. In about half of such crashes, the view from each vehicle was compromised by glare from the sun or lights, or the view was otherwise obstructed by traffic. Perhaps the most frightening fact was that the average motorcyclist had less than two seconds in which to attempt to avoid an impact.

Shifting Liability and Public Prejudice
Two critical issues must be overcome in any motorcycle accident case. First, the opposing insurer will try to push some or all of the blame for the crash over onto the rider. Second, some people just don’t like motorcyclists, and they’re prejudiced against them. Our motorcycle personal injury attorney in Dallas has extensive experience in overcoming those issues.

Don’t entrust your motorcycle accident claim to just any Dallas attorney. Nearly all of them simply don’t have the background, experience and resources necessary to bring a successful motorcycle crash case. A Dallas attorney from our law firm who focuses his practice on motorcycle crashes is far more likely to be able to maximize any proceeds that you might receive in a settlement or verdict.

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