What To Expect In A Trucking Accident Settlement

what to expect in a trucking accident settlement

Accidents occur every day, and you might end up being sued for negligence or compensation for damages due to an accident. In this instance, an auto accident lawyer can help you through the process, which is often stressful and confusing. However, some people prefer out of court settlements as a means of getting compensation for damages suffered. In this circumstance, accident and injury lawyers help establish the best settlement method to use, and offer advice on other legal matters as well.

Learn what you can expect in a settlement should you be faced with a trucking accident:

Out-of-Court Trucking Accident Settlements

There are some ways that individuals can settle after an accident, among the primary methods of alternative dispute resolution are; mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. The methods have different implications and have their pros and cons as well, however, with the help of your auto accident lawyer, you will decide on the best option for your situation.

Upon agreement on the settlement method, the parties take the time to resolve their issues and reach a verdict, through the help of a neutral third party. On agreement of the amount to be paid, you will choose the method of payment, which could be a lump sum or structured settlement. Care should be taken when choosing the method, as you still have to pay taxes for the amount received as well as the different settlements.

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Why Opt for Settlements as Opposed to Court Proceedings?

Court proceedings may take a long time to be determined. With a settlement, clients can reach an agreement faster and take care of the damages caused to the vehicle. They can even use settlement money to get medical treatment.

Settlements are much cheaper compared to court proceedings. You need not engage the lawyer the whole time, and even if you do, it will be less costly as less time is spent on the settlement.

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Cons of Settlement

Accident and injury lawyers have vast knowledge of the legal issues regarding accidents as well as the alternative dispute resolution methods, visiting, or contacting a reputable auto accident law firm. They give you a greater chance of getting better compensation for your loss or damage and a higher chance of winning if you decide to pursue legal measures.

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