How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Medical Treatment Without Having to Pay Out of Pocket?

If you have been injured in a car accident even if you think you are fine, you should be examined by medical professionals for unforeseen or hidden injuries. At the same time, you must call a car accident attorney to determine your eligibility for compensation for possible injuries because of the accident. 

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Medical Treatment Without Having to Pay Out of Pocket

The Insurance Company is Not Your Friend
Your attorney will advise you not to sign anything placed before you by the other driver’s insurance company. Also, do not give a statement to them about the accident because they can twist your words to sound like the accident was your fault. 

Yes, the other party’s insurance company will make a settlement sound tempting in the short term, but the insurance carrier’s settlement amount is only going to be a very low settlement amount compared to what your attorney can get for you for now, in the present, and for the future. 

Getting Your Medical Treatment
How can a car accident attorney help you get medical treatment without having to pay out of pocket? Many car accident clients are under the misconception that their attorney will pay their medical bills, but no, this is wrong. 

Your attorney will help compile all your medical bills as your case proceeds. This action is to help them ask for the right dollar amount for your damages and medical concerns now and in the future. 

I am sorry to inform you that as the injured client, you are responsible for your bills, but the negligent driver’s insurance company will reimburse you. If the car accident was not your fault, then the other driver’s insurance company is responsible for your medical bills. 

What are some of the medical expenses that could arise from a car accident?

  • Ambulatory accessories
  • Ambulatory fees
  • Hospital stays
  • In-home services
  • Medical consultations
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Therapy treatments

You may also be entitled to different types of damages if your car accident injuries have impaired your life or the lives of your loved ones, i.e., lost wages, survivor’s benefits, and more. 

Granted, you will not get reimbursed through a settlement immediately, it can take up to several months or longer. In the meantime, you will receive lots of medical bills that can’t wait until your settlement arrives. These bills must be paid. 

The Letter of Protection or LOP
This is the time that your attorney will look at your financial situation and suggest that your other health insurance options like those from your job can kick in. If you have Medicare or you have medical coverage with your own car insurance policy, then these options can be used to pay medical bills. 

However, if you don’t have insurance or you are unable to pay for your medical expenses following a car accident injury, then your car accident attorney can suggest medical professionals who will treat you now but defer their bills until you settle with the other driver’s insurance carrier. 

In other words, your personal injury attorney can draft a “letter of protection” or “LOP.” A LOP agreement states that the cost of services provided for your treatments will be paid out of your settlement award. Your health care providers sign and agree to defer billing you until a settlement has been awarded. 

In addition to helping their clients take care of their accident damages, court filings, investigations, communications with insurance companies and much more, an experienced car accident attorney will also help keep the bills that seem to be piling up, out of collections. 

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