How Does Uber and Lyft Promote and Cause Distracted Driving Accidents? See How an Uber and Lyft Accident Attorney can Help.

With all the concerns over distracted driving, particularly due to smartphone use, has anyone considered that drivers for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft could also be a number of the foremost distracted and dangerous drivers? Uber and Lyft compete with taxis and other car services in most major cities. Uber and Lyft don’t own, operate, or control the vehicles that are wont to carry passengers. Nor do they hire the drivers. The drivers are independent contractors with Uber and Lyft who comply with operate their vehicles as rideshare vehicles under various terms and conditions. As you’ll see if you’re involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft operator there’s an increased likelihood that they were distracted, but the case itself are often very complex. this is often why an experienced Uber and Lyft accident attorney is so important in protecting your rights and maximizing your case.

How Does Uber and Lyft Promote and Cause Distracted Driving Accidents

What are often Distracting Uber and Lyft Drivers?
Rideshare drivers have tons of distractions in their vehicles. They’re constantly using their phones to see the ride share app, are using GPS for directions, are lecture their passengers, and should be driving on streets that are unfamiliar to them. They also could also be driving fast due to concerns about drop-off or pick-up times.

The key issue is that the incontrovertible fact that Uber and Lyft drivers are on a huge time constraint when it involves accepting a replacement client. With a mere 15 seconds to urge the situation and accept the fare of a rider, it stands to reason that much of this often occurs while the driving force is working the vehicle. When clients are continually pinging the driving force for rides and therefore the app’s mapping service is important for direction, it are often difficult to be an Uber or Lyft driver and not check out your device numerous times while driving.

Another major distraction for drivers are the passengers. repeatedly these passengers are receiving a ride because they’re intoxicated. These passengers tend to be loud, unruly and aggressive, which may cause a distracted driving accident.

What Happens if you’re Involved in an Accident with an Uber or Lyft Driver?
The first target for responsibility should be, of course, the at-fault rideshare driver. Rideshare companies require their drivers to hold vehicle insurance that covers physical injuries and property damage. But this will get complicated because the rideshare driver was operating the vehicle for money. Many vehicle insurance policies exclude coverage in such circumstances unless a billboard policy or rideshare endorsement was purchased for the vehicle. So you’ll have a claim against the rideshare driver, but without insurance to hide your claim the claim is usually useless.

Uber and Lyft have realized the insurance problem which will result when one among their independent contractor drivers causes an accident. they provide coverage to their drivers to hide such situations. That insurance is triggered if the driver’s personal insurer denies the claim.

Uber and Lyft have worked very hard to take care of their drivers’ distinction as independent contractors, not employees. Uber and Lyft are responsible for their employees’ negligence, but not the negligence of their independent contractors. Given the business models of Uber and Lyft and therefore the contracts that their drivers sign, proving that a driver was an employee, not an independent contractor, are going to be an uphill battle. But that shouldn’t be necessary since you’ll be ready to make an immediate claim against the driving force and be paid by the driving force ’s vehicle insurer or through the coverage provided for the driver by Uber or Lyft.

Accidents involving rideshare vehicles remain a strangely complicated area of automobile accident law. These are definitely not do-it-yourself accident claims to be handled without a lawyer. If you’re injured by an Uber and Lyft operator, it’s best to rent an experienced Uber or Lyft accident lawyer who is in a position to gauge and navigate the varied legal issues involving these complex cases.

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