How to Get Medical Treatment from an Accident Injury Medical Specialist without having to pay out of your pocket? A Car Accident Attorney explains.

Getting the medical treatment you would like after a car accident is perhaps the foremost important step towards putting your life back together and building a robust personal injury case. Delaying your medical aid following an accident can have serious negative consequences on your case (and your ability to recover compensation for your losses), and it’s important to act quickly to work out the simplest course of action in your particular case to urge the medical aid you deserve. An experienced car accident attorney can provide you access to the proper accident injury specialist in order that your personal injury case from your car accident is extremely strong.

How to Get Medical Treatment from an Accident Injury Medical Specialist without having to pay out of your pocket

You have two options for getting medical aid after an accident, albeit you can’t afford to buy it up-front: 1) employing a Letter of Protection and 2) using your own auto coverage if you’ve got Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments coverage. While the negligent person’s insurance firm could be offering to buy your medical expenses, this can’t be trusted and isn’t recommended.

Letter of Protection
Fortunately, there are many medical providers in Texas who are willing to supply medical treatment on credit to people that are hurt in an accident. A letter of protection is typically a written promise by the injured person or their personal injury lawyer, whereby the injured person promises to pay the medical bills out of any settlement they receive from the negligent person’s insurance firm .

With a Letter of Protection, the medical provider takes a risk of delayed payment or no payment in the least . Paying the medical provider more for his or her services may be a fair thanks to compensate the provider for the danger they’re taking. Medical providers who provide care on a letter of protection are a particularly valuable a part of the community, due to their willingness to require the danger of providing care to people that need it but cannot afford it.

Many times your attorney can get the quantity of cash thanks to the medical provider reduced.

Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments Coverages
In Texas, auto insurance companies are required to supply you coverage for private Injury Protection (“PIP”) and Medical Payments (“MedPay”). These are “no fault” coverages that apply if you’re hurt in an automobile accident. this suggests you’re entitled to payment under these coverages albeit you caused the accident.

With both PIP and MedPay, your auto insurance firm is required to reimburse you for medical expenses promptly after you submit a legitimate claim. Generally speaking, PIP and MedPay are best for getting reimbursed for medical expenses you’ve already incurred, but some medical providers will assume the burden of submitting their own bills to your PIP or MedPay policies to save lots of you the effort of paying up front.

While PIP and MedPay are both great tools for helping you buy medical aid after an accident, they need their limitations. Most PIP and MedPay policies are for $10,000 or less (the majority are $2,500). So, you ought to not believe these policies to be enough to buy all the care you would like after an accident, particularly if there’s hospital treatment or surgery required. Additionally, with MedPay, you’re required to pay your own insurance firm back if you collect money from the negligent person’s insurance firm , which can deplete your settlement. For this reason (and that PIP also will help buy your lost wages), it’s generally recognized that PIP may be a superior product.

Importance of Consulting with an Auto Accident Lawyer
Under no circumstance should a scarcity of insurance or concerns about the value of your medical aid deter you from getting the treatment you would like as soon as possible after getting hurt in an accident. Not only will getting the care you would like put you on the trail of recovery, it’ll also help to preserve extremely important evidence in your personal injury case. While this text outlines a number of your options for getting medical aid , there’s no substitute for lecture a professional car accident lawyer about the precise circumstances of your case, so you’ll put yourself within the best position possible to recover for your harms and losses.

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