Information to Gather After Auto Accident

Thousands of auto accidents take place on Texas roads each year. Due to the emotional state after an accident, drivers often fail to gather important information after the accident occurs. Our office has over 25 years experience handing motor vehicle crash cases and would like to provide some guidance on the information that should be obtained after an accident, provided that health allows you to do so in the moment.


If you are able to walk and talk after the accident, the first step should be to right down the license plate, make and model of the other driver’s vehicle. Insurance companies will use this information to verify that the car was covered under the policy, it is very important that you get this information.

After obtaining information about the vehicle, speak to the driver of the other vehicle, get the person’s first and last name, phone number, address, auto insurance company name and phone number as well as the policy number. Insurance companies will use this information to verify that the driver was covered under the policy, without this information it will be difficult to resolve your accident phone photography

Once you have received the information of the insurance and other driver, speak to any witnesses that are on the scene. Gather their names, phone numbers, and email address. Give them your email address and ask them to email you a statement about the accident so that you can preserve evidence.

Now that you have talked to the people present at the time of the accident, make notes for your self to remember the date and time of the accident, the street you were traveling on and the nearest cross street, and your statement of how the accident occurred. You will likely be asked to provide this information several times, therefore these notes will help you to maintain consistently.

Although a police officer may come to the scene and take a report, you should still gather this information. Police reports can take several days to complete and you will want to start your communications with insurance compaines, medical providers and attorneys as soon as possible. Occasionally the police reports come back with errors. The more information you can collect the better.

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