October a Severe Month for Car Crashes

Driving on the nation’s roadways requires drivers to be vigilant, knowledgeable of signs, speed limits, and rules, and have the ability to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. Unfortunately, as we all know, not all drivers are vigilant or safe. Even if we are the most careful of drivers, a reckless or distracted driver can still cross our path. Life can be full of unexpected setbacks, roadblocks, even tragedies.

October car accidents

The deadliest month of the year for car accidents is October, and October 2017 was no exception. This year has seen countless serious injuries including fatalities, which has left untold grief in its wake.

The Department of Transportation gathered the following crash data for 2016:

  • Arlington: 7,170 total crashes / 26 fatalities
  • Denton: 3,301 total crashes / 19 fatalities
  • Dallas: 35,433 total crashes / 192 fatalities
  • Fort Worth: 16,442 total crashes / 84 fatalities
  • Cedar Hill: 608 total crashes / 2 fatalities
  • McKinney: 1,384 total crashes / 8 fatalities
  • Lewisville: 2,851 total crashes / 4 fatalities

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In 2016, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles reported that there were 14,202 serious injury crashes statewide. There were 638 people killed in head-on crashes, and 678 pedestrians were killed in the state, a 21.5% increase from 2015, which is a significant rise. The same data shows that 455 people were killed on Texas roadway crashes involving a distracted driver. Distracted driving has become one of the latest major causes in recent years of traffic accidents resulting in serious injury or death.

The cause of this crash has not been determined, but police say this 22-year-old woman may have never even known that she hit her victim, a 55-year-old husband, and father who died at the scene of this hit and run in late October.

You can never be sure of the driving abilities or the state of mind of other drivers on the road. What makes a person get into their vehicle knowing they are impaired? How can someone not know they have struck a person with their vehicle? We might also ask what makes a person recklessly endanger other lives during an attempt to take their own life?

It is not known why this unidentified man is believed to have intentionally caused his car to flip in the middle of a freeway in Fort Worth, run through multiple lanes of traffic, then jump off of a bridge overpass, landing on the road below.

Also in late October, a 19-year-old woman rear-ended another driver in downtown Dallas, then fled the scene. The Dallas Police Department reports that the force of the woman slamming into the other car was severe enough to crumple the victim’s car. The victim of this crash died at the scene after they were able to extract her from her crushed car. Not only did this crash result in a fatality, the interstate bridge, spanning two ramps, was heavily damaged and had to be removed from the interstate for repairs.

Two young lives were tragically lost in Garland when they were ejected from their vehicle in a single car crash.

The nation’s roads have become so dangerous that some states have had to pass legislation in order to protect roadside assistance truck drivers when stopping to assist motorists:

  • “Move-over laws require motorists traveling on multi-lane roadways to, when practical, merge away from a vehicle working on the side of the highway to provide an empty travel lane of safety for the worker.”

A motorcyclist and both good Samaritans who stopped to help him after a crash near Midland were all three killed when another motorcyclist crashed into them on the roadside.

Car accidents and crashes, including hit and runs, can happen anywhere at any time. This woman was at the gas pump when a car struck her, continued to drag her for a short distance, then fled the scene without rendering aid.

We drive the roads and highways every day in our cities never thinking we could be involved in a serious car crash that could cause major property and financial damage or worse, alter our lives forever. We expect to have a fender bender or two in our lives, but don’t like thinking about the possibility that we could be involved with anything that isn’t minor.

If you are ever in a car accident or serious crash, one of the first things you should do is contact a car accident attorney. Even minor traffic accidents can cause injuries that could put you out of work. Serious accidents can require lengthy recovery times, which mean lost income and large medical bills.

The Law Offices of David Kohm can fight for you if you are injured. We will work to ensure the best possible outcome for your case with our more than 25-years of experience in litigation. We are experts in aggressively representing our clients because we understand the individual emotional and financial impact of car accidents and injuries.

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