More and More Vehicles are Recording Their Rides with Mounted Video Cameras. Can They Use that Video as Evidence if they are Involved in an Accident with a Car or 18 Wheeler?

Being involved in an accident with a car, 18 Wheeler or other commercial truck can be a life altering experience. Many times in an accident the question of who was at fault comes up. There may not be a lot of evidence or eye witnesses to help determine who was at fault. Many vehicle operators are using mounted video dash cams to film when they are driving. If you are involved in an accident this video will most likely capture what happened and who was at fault. An experienced auto accident attorney will be able to assist you the proper way to utilize this type of evidence.

More and More Vehicles are Recording Their Rides with Mounted Video Cameras

What is a Dash Cam?
A dash cam is a camera that is mounted to the dashboard of your car. It records the actions on the road while you are driving. It is powered by batteries. Car drivers are not the only ones who are using dash cams. Motorcycle riders, bike riders, commercial truck drivers and 18 Wheeler operators are all using dash cameras because they know that video evidence can be used to prove their innocence if they are not at fault for any accident they may be involved in.

Dash Cam Laws in Texas
The State of Texas does not have any laws that pertain to dash cams. So there is nothing on the books that would prevent you from using video in your case or settlement negotiations. Having an experienced auto accident attorney representing you is vital in having a positive outcome for your case.

How Does a Dash Cam Work?
The way that a dash cam works will depend on the type of camera that you have. However, most dash cameras will automatically start recording once you turn on your car. If your camera reaches its space limit, then it will overwrite what you have previously recorded. You will want to position your camera so that the views are unobstructed and the dash cam will film the majority of the drivers view.

How Do You Choose the Right Dash Cam?
There are several dash cams that you can choose from. However, the type of camera that you choose will depend on what you plan to use the camera for. If you just want to provide visual documentation of an incident, then you will need to use a single lens model.

You can use a dual lens model if you have a young driver that you want to monitor. Additionally, it is a good idea to purchase a dash cam that has a GPS feature. This is a feature that will be extremely useful if you get into an accident. The GPS will be able to tell the time and location of the accident.

What is the Purpose of a Dash Cam?
A dash cam is designed to record everything that happens to a person while they are inside of their vehicle. What you record can provide evidence if you get into an auto accident. The footage on your dash camera can also record traffic violations and illegal acts that are committed by other drivers.

The footage can be used against you or for you. You will likely be able to use this footage in court if you get into an accident. There are some cases where the court may not accept dash cam footage as evidence. They may say that the footage can be altered, so it is not relevant to the case. However, it is rare for dash cam footage to be rejected in court. Your auto accident attorney will be able to provide legal advice to whether or not your dash cam video will be an asset to your case.

You Need an Attorney if You get Into an Accident and Have a Dash Cam
If you have a dash cam, then you have information that can prove that the other person was at fault for your auto accident. While this information is helpful, it is not always a good thing. That is why it is important to have an auto accident attorney. Your lawyer will know how to use this information in court.

The attorney will also look at the footage and determine what parts of it can be used in court. Additionally, they will tell you the appropriate actions that you should take into court.

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