Were You Injured Riding an Electric Scooter? See How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help.

As electric scooters (e-scooters) have become more popular, related injuries have become more common. When e-scooter injuries occur, victims may be unsure about whether they can pursue compensation from the at-fault party. However, even identifying the liable party and proving fault can be a complicated task. This is why it is important that you have an electric scooter accident attorney on your side to help you maximize your injury claims.

Were You Injured Riding an Electric Scooter

Who Could be Liable in an Electric Scooter Accident?

These individuals could be possibly liable for an e-scooter accident:

  • Automobile Drivers – If you were hit by a motor vehicle while riding an e-scooter, the driver may be found at fault if he or she was not watching, was speeding, or was engaged in some other form of reckless driving. 
  • The Electric Scooter Manufacturer – The company that made the e-scooter may be found at fault if the device malfunctioned during use and this led to your accident. 
  • Pedestrian(s) – If an e-scooter accident occurs as a result of a pedestrian acting in a negligent manner, such as walking while distracted, they may be at fault. 
  • City, Business or Construction Company – A city may be held legally responsible for accidents that occur because of potholes or damaged sidewalks. If a business or construction company is responsible for the property and the accident is caused by debris or obstructions on the property, the business or construction company may be held liable for the injuries.

What if You are Injured While Riding an Electric Scooter from an E-Scooter Share App?

Although electric scooters and similar vehicles have been around for years now, companies like Bird, Lime, Skip, and Spin have only recently seized on the opportunity to pair them with technology. By using a smartphone app, users can easily locate and rent one of these shareable electric scooters, which are scattered throughout city streets. So far, e-scooter companies have continued to enjoy incredible popularity with consumers who appreciate the low prices, quick speeds, and convenience of these vehicles.

Before hopping onto a Bird or Lime scooter, users must sign a liability waiver. While signing a waiver doesn’t automatically mean that the company will avoid liability, it does make things harder for scooter riders who are injured in accidents. When you download an e-scooter ride share app, you may be asked to click to agree to various terms and conditions of using the app and riding an e-scooter.

Unfortunately, most people agree to terms and conditions without reading them. These terms may state that the rental provider will not be responsible for injuries to you or anyone you injure while using the device.

Your lawyer can review the agreement you signed and the circumstances of your injuries to determine whether the agreement prohibits you from pursuing compensation from the e-scooter company.

Why E-Scooter Accident Cases are So Complicated?
Motor vehicle accidents are governed by complex laws on fault so that those who become seriously injured will have a legal recourse to compensation. The laws on electric scooters are still constantly evolving, which can make it complicated to pinpoint liability for these accidents. Your lawyer will need to have a clear understanding of local laws on e-scooters, as well as experience with the motor vehicle laws in your local areas in Texas. The complexity of these cases makes it imperative that you retain the services of an experienced electric scooter accident attorney.

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