What is Considered Reckless Driving and How Can an Auto Accident Attorney Help You Recover Compensation for Your Injuries?

When people drag the wheel of a car in Texas, they assume a responsibility to drive with caution and care. If they drive during a way that puts others in harm’s way, that person could face criminal charges for reckless driving. In Texas, reckless driving may be a serious offense which will carry harsh criminal consequences. If you or a beloved are injured thanks to a reckless driver it’s imperative that you simply contact an experienced car accident attorney.

What is Considered Reckless Driving and How Can an Auto Accident Attorney

What is Reckless Driving?

In Texas, reckless driving is defined when someone is working a vehicle as “in willful or wanton disregard for the security of persons or property.” this is often a reasonably broad definition that would capture a good range of behaviors, starting from speeding to driving aggressively to driving while distracted.

Examples of reckless driving could include:

  • Driving at a speed significantly over the limit
  • Texting and driving
  • Driving while under the influence of medicine or alcohol
  • Weaving in and out of lanes (with or without the utilization of turning signals)
  • Street racing
  • Passing over a double yellow line on a highway
  • Driving the incorrect way down the road
  • Failing to yield the proper of thanks to other cars, bicycles, or pedestrians
  • Attempting to “beat” yellow lights at an intersection
  • Running stop signs, and
  • Failing to prevent for a stopped bus.

What is Willful or Wanton Disregard?
It’s important to recollect that you simply can only be convicted for reckless driving if the state can prove that your actions were willful and/or wanton. If your actions were merely negligent, you can’t be convicted for the crime of reckless driving.

In Texas, reckless behavior “requires a conscious choice of a course of action, either with knowledge of the intense danger to others…or with knowledge which might disclose this danger to any reasonable man.”

Put differently , you’ll display a willful or wanton disregard for the security of others if you knew, or should have known, that your actions would likely end in harm.

What are the Criminal Consequences?
Reckless driving is one among the few driving offenses that carry criminal consequences. In Texas, reckless driving is assessed as a hybrid misdemeanor offense. The more serious your reckless driving offense, the harsher the results are going to be . this is often particularly true if you’re also cited for DWI or drag racing at the time of your arrest.

The potential consequences of reckless driving don’t end with jail time and fines. If you’re convicted of reckless driving in Texas, you’ll also face significant collateral consequences. Collateral consequences are social and civil penalties that aren’t necessarily directly linked to your crime. Instead, they will exist just because you’ve got a record .
Collateral consequences of a reckless driving conviction in Texas can include:

  • Loss of employment , if driving was a necessary component of your employment
  • Difficulty finding gainful employment
  • Difficulty taking care of your family, thanks to travel limitations caused by the loss of your license;
  • Inability to secure employment in certain industries (e.g., healthcare, education, government); and
  • Adverse child custody decisions.

How Can an Attorney assist you Get Money for Your Injuries?
An experienced car accident attorney can assist you during a number of the way after a significant accident caused by another driver. Many accident victims are eligible to receive compensation to assist cover medical expenses, lost income and other accident-related expenses. But many of us take settlements that are far but the complete value of their claim because they don’t have a forceful lawyer advocating for them. The at-fault driver’s insurance firm is unlikely to supply you the complete value of your claim unless the insurer sees that you simply are serious about pursuing it—even if meaning getting to court.

Your car accident attorney can help maximize your compensation with the following:

  • Investigate All Contributing Factors to the Accident
  • Determine All Responsible Parties
  • Deal with insurance firm Adjusters
  • Estimate Future Medical Costs and Accident-Related Expenses
  • Deal with Hospitals or Debt Collectors Trying to Harass You About Medical Bills
  • Negotiate with the insurance firm

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