What to Do If You are Injured in a Side Impact or Side Swipe Accident? A Car Accident Attorney Explains.

Although at first glance, a side impact or side swipe accident may not look serious, that assumption is misleading. If you or a loved one have been injured in a side impact or side swipe accident, you need to realize that there are some important steps you should take to protect your rights and pursue compensation. The most important of these is to contact an experienced car accident attorney immediately.

What to Do If You are Injured in a Side Impact or Side Swipe Accident

Defining a Side Swipe or Side Impact Accident 

A side swipe accident is when two vehicles collide while they are traveling in the same direction. One vehicle swerves out of a lane into the lane next to it and hits another vehicle. A side impact collision usually occurs when a vehicle hits another vehicle on the side when both are going in different directions and is commonly called a “t-bone accident” because the vehicles form a T when they collide. While some of these types of accidents are minor, others result in serious injuries experienced by the driver or passengers of the vehicle that was struck. 

Common Reasons for Side Swipes and Side Impact Accidents 

There are several side swipe accidents that occur. The most common are: 

  • Distracted driving – The driver may have taken their eyes off of the road due to texting, reading, talking to other passengers, or eating. Texas and other states have strict laws against texting while driving. An offender may lose his or her license and receive a fine.

  • Drunk driving – Drugs and alcohol inhibit a driver’s ability to think clearly including clouding the ability to correctly judge the distance between objects.

  • Avoiding things on the road – A side swipe accident can also occur when a vehicle swerves and hits another vehicle while trying to avoid hitting an object or an animal in the road.

  • Blind spot areas – Large trucks, in particular, may find it difficult to see beyond the blind spots, those areas on their truck that block the view of oncoming traffic, when they switch lanes. However, this can and does also happen with smaller vehicles when they do not pay careful attention. 

Types of Injuries Due to Side Swipes and Side Impacts 

You or a passenger in the vehicle with you may have suffered any one or more of these injuries in your side swipe or side impact accident: 

Bodily injury including to the: 

  • Scrapes and Cuts – You may have scrapes and cuts as a result of a car accident. You may receive cuts from the impact of your vehicle or the other vehicle, or you might get hit by loose projectiles in the car like your phone. Either way, scrapes, and cuts can be painful as well as pose a risk for infections and other complications.

  • Head Injuries – Traumatic brain injuries and other brain injuries can cause immediate injuries and complications that last far into the future. If not treated properly, traumatic brain injuries can cause long-term problems with brain function as well as headaches and sleeping difficulties. It may be difficult to diagnose a brain injury, and you may need a deliberate treatment plan to avoid complications.

  • Broken Ribs – Ribs are fragile. Even light or moderate impact can cause ribs to break. You might suffer broken ribs in a car accident when you’re pushed forwards, backward or sideways because of the impact of the crash. Broken ribs can be painful and require lengthy periods of rest.

  • Other Broken Bones – Broken arms, legs, hips and even shoulders are common in a Las Vegas car accident. A car accident puts unnatural amounts of force on your body. When it’s more than your bones can withstand, you can suffer a painful break. Broken bones are common in all types of crashes including rear-end and side-impact accidents.

  • Internal Bleeding – While it’s common to suffer cuts in an accident, it’s also not surprising to suffer from internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can be dangerous especially if it’s not treated quickly after the crash. It’s important to seek medical attention immediately for anything but the most minor accidents. If there’s any chance that you may have suffered internal bleeding, it’s crucial to find critical care to make sure that you don’t have life-threatening injuries.

  • Herniated Disc – Just like you can break a bone in a car crash, you can also suffer from a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when one or more vertebrae in your spine either rupture or shift out of place. A herniated disc can cause pain and complications.

  • Knee Trauma – The sudden impact of a crash can cause your knees to strike the dashboard. That can cause pain to your ligaments and your kneecap. You might need braces, crutches or surgery to rebuild your knee and correct for damage. Knees are complicated, and knee injuries can be painful. Knee injuries in a car accident are especially frustrating because they can cause difficulty walking.

Steps to Take After You Have Been in a Side Swipe or Side Impact Accident 

It is important that you take these steps to prove your case. The responsible party should compensate you for your injuries including pain and suffering. 

  • Call the authorities – Police reports list the details of the accident. Oftentimes, by looking at the placement of the vehicles, it gives telling details of how the accident may have occurred. The authorities will also get important driver’s license information of the cars involved in the accident and possibly witness statements.

  • Get the driver’s license plate number and insurance policy number – While the authorities are on their way, get identifying information from the driver who hit your vehicle.

  • Take pictures of the accident scene – Either you or a witness should use a cell phone to take some photos of the vehicles involved. Get pictures of the road conditions, street signs. Names and phone numbers of additional witnesses are important to have too just in case they leave before the authorities get a chance to speak with them.

  • Obtain medical attention right away – Medical records help prove your financial burden and validate your case for compensation. Therefore, visit a medical professional even if you feel fine. Your symptoms may appear days, weeks, or even months later.

  • Never settle with an insurance company – It is best not to speak with an insurance agent after your accident. This is because you do not know the extent of your medical injuries until you have seen a physician. Furthermore, a legal professional can fight for your rights to pain, suffering, long-term medical compensation, and lost wages. 

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