What to do if You are Involved in a Road Construction Work Zone Accident? A Car Accident Attorney Explains.

It is hard to miss road construction sites these days. The signs pop up all of a sudden when you are on your way to work or returning home, on main streets, residential areas, even on freeways. Road construction or repair is often performed by state and local authorities to improve traffic or driving conditions. 

What to do if You are Involved in a Road Construction Work Zone Accident

Unfortunately, these construction and maintenance work sometimes create hazardous situation for drivers, especially where the traffic is heavy. They cause traffic blocks and are a breeding ground for serious car accidents. If you or your loved one is involved in one such accident or injured due to a road construction incident, call our law office right away, so that you may speak with an experienced car accident attorney

Collecting Evidence at the Scene
Collecting evidence at the accident scene is important to proving your innocence and maximizing your claim. If you are physically able to collect evidence at the scene it is important that you get as many pictures as possible. Photos are a great way to showing the damage to the vehicles and equipment involved, but also gives a good idea of what the scene looks like. If you are too injured to take photos, see if you can get a friend or family member to handle this for you.

You will also want to get eye witness’s statements on what they believe occurred at the accident. This will help corroborate your version of what occurred at the accident. You should also get their contact information as well. They may be able to confirm your assertion that the other driver or road construction crew was at fault or contradict an argument by the other driver that you were at fault. 

It is also important that you get a copy of the police report. The report will contain the officer’s assessment of who was at fault for the accident. While this determination is not conclusive, especially since the officer probably did not witness the crash, it can be very persuasive.

Negligence in the Construction Work Zone
Being a driver, your duty and responsibility is to take every cautious steps to safeguard your life as well as the life and property of others around road construction areas. In fact, hefty penalties are usually imposed on drivers who are careless around such zones. On the flip side, the duty and responsibility of construction crew are not limited to working at the site. They are required to reduce dangerous spots to make the traffic flow smoothly. If you encounter a negligent crew member, company or government body that leads to your vehicle accident at a construction zone, the other party should be held liable for damages and compensation for it. An experienced car accident attorney can assist you in maximizing a settlement for damages and injuries caused by their negligence in the construction work zone.

What are Common Causes for Accidents Due to Negligence?
Road construction accidents may be caused due to various reasons as outlined below: 

  • Failure to place barriers or guardrails by the construction crew 
  • Failure to post speed limit or have someone direct the traffic at the zone 
  • Confusing signs and lane markings 
  • Failure to mark roads around the construction zone 
  • Missing signs to warn drivers, such as narrowing of lanes, sudden stop, lane closure, uneven pavement and lane change 
  • Improper use of equipment or vehicles related to construction posing dangerous situations for drivers 
  • Failure to inform about poor visibility or bad weather conditions

An Experienced Car Accident Attorney Can Help
Every occurrence of an accident around a construction zone is the direct result of someone being careless, reckless or negligent. It could be the driver, other drivers or the construction company. Finding out the party responsible for the condition or mishap is important in assigning fault. Things may however turn complicated when dealing with a group of workers, contractors, government bodies or other higher authorities who have a personal and financial incentive in being uncooperative. An experienced car accident attorney will understand what needs to be done in order to achieve the positive results that you desire.  

If you are involved in an accident at a traffic construction zone and facing bodily injury, damage to your vehicle or other stressful situation, you need to retain a car accident attorney for construction zone accidents right away. Hiring a professional and reliable lawyer should be your highest priority to protect your rights as well as get compensation for your injuries and damages. Our car accident attorney team will aggressively work on your behalf to zero in on the cause, identify evidence and represent you in court. Our team of car accident lawyers will utilize their collective knowledge and experience they have attained about the laws governing such accidents and make sure that you achieve a favorable outcome. Additionally, they will ensure that you are compensated adequately in terms of injuries, damages, pain and suffering as per the legal codes. 

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