What to Do if You Suffered Headaches or a Traumatic Brain Injury Due to an Accident with an 18 Wheeler Truck. A Truck Accident Attorney Explains.

Truck accidents can be the most serious of all that occur on the road. With an 18 wheeler truck, you have to worry about the huge size and weight, which make a collision especially devastating. The sheer impact of a commercial truck striking a passenger vehicle can result in debilitating, disabling injuries that can often end up being fatal. Headaches and traumatic brain injuries or TBI are common truck accident injuries, and they can be severe even when the injury appears to be mild. 

What to Do if You Suffered Headaches or a Traumatic Brain Injury Due to an Accident with an 18 Wheeler Truck

Generally speaking, there is really no such thing as a “mild” brain injury. Even if you have suffered a concussion or headache that seemingly clear up after a few weeks, all brain injuries are serious and can change your life in a number of ways. You may require ongoing treatment for months or even years after suffering such an injury. It’s important to take the proper steps after you have been in an accident with an 18 wheeler truck. These are the things you should do, according to an experienced truck accident attorney

Seek Medical Attention
Always seek medical attention after a truck accident. As a traumatic brain injury is always serious, you need to get thoroughly checked out by a doctor. Even if you feel fine, your symptoms may lie dormant for a few hours. Comprehensive exams like MRIs can determine the existence of a brain injury or internal bleeding. Even if you are examined by emergency medical personnel at the scene, you should still go to the hospital and get a more thorough exam. 

Call 911
Call 911 to get the police and an ambulance at the scene. An officer will take a police report of the accident. You can obtain a copy later that can be used as evidence in your personal injury claim. 

Document the Accident Scene
If you are able to, take pictures of the accident scene and make your own personal notes about the incident. Take note of the weather and road conditions, the speed limit and anything else pertinent to the accident. 

Get Contact Information
Get the trucker’s name and contact information. You should also include the truck driver’s employer and trucking company, their insurance information and driver’s license and license plate number. Don’t make conversation other than the obtain this information. 

Talk to Witnesses
Talk to witnesses to get their names and contact information as well. You should also have them write their account of the accident. As an alternative, you can record them speaking about what they witnessed. Your truck accident attorney can later contact witnesses if they need additional information. 

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries
There are various types of head injuries that can result from a road accident with a huge truck. These can impact the individual for the rest of their lifetime. Generally, the following are the most common traumatic brain injuries after a serious truck accident: 

  • Concussion: People often don’t think of a concussion as a form of TBI. It occurs when the head is violently shaken in an accident. A person may or may not lose consciousness upon suffering this type of injury. Concussions can be temporary or even permanent if there is stunting of oxygen to the brain.

  • Contusions: Contusions are bruises in the brain upon impact to the head. There may be bleeding present in the brain that can require surgery.

  • Coup-contrecoup injuries: This is the type of TBI that occurs when the head is hit with enough force that the brain shifts position while hitting the skull.

  • Diffuse axonal injuries: This injury occurs when the brain’s nerve tissue is torn due to head impact. Whiplash can cause this injury. The tears can result in permanent brain damage, coma and even death.

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