What Will an Insurance Adjuster Most Likely Ask You After a Car Accident and How a Car Accident Attorney Can Assist You.

A car accident could precipitate several unforeseen issues such as personal injuries and property damage. In certain instances, accident victims seek to recoup damages from either their auto insurance company or the entity providing coverage for other motorists found to be liable for causing the vehicle accident. Before an insurance company settles any claims, said establishment will likely entrust an employee known as an insurance adjuster to determine the specific amount of compensation the policy holder should receive or, in the case of a guilty party, how much said individual should be required to pay the victim. 

What Will an Insurance Adjuster Most Likely Ask You After a Car Accident and How a Car Accident Attorney Can Assist You

Retaining the services of an experienced Dallas car accident attorney is highly advised when dealing with a car accident. Not only will they be able to assist you in receiving proper medical care, but they will also be able to deal with difficult insurance adjusters who are looking to reduce or deny your claim. 

The Role Of An Insurance Adjuster 

Sometimes also referred to as a claims adjuster, this type of professional is employed by insurance companies. These individuals are charged with the responsibility of investigating accident claims and determining how much the establishment in question should reimburse their customer or the motorist whom sustained damage at the hand of their policyholder. 

Important Considerations 

It is important to reiterate that the adjuster is employed by the insurance company and will, in almost every instance, seek to resolve the claim as quickly and for as little compensation as possible. 

Questions An Insurance Adjuster Might Ask 

In the days following the accident, an adjuster will often visit the accident victim and conduct their investigation. Said professionals may render inquiries including but not necessarily limited to: 

*What was the name, type and year of vehicle was the accident victim driving?

*What purposes is said vehicle driven for?

*Were other vehicles involved in the mishap??

*What type of injuries did the claimant sustain?

*How much income does the claimant earn?

*What type of medical care did the claimant receive and how long following the accident did they obtain said evaluation?

*What were the events surrounding the accident?

*Was the policyholder engaging in any untoward action such as driving under the influence or using their cell phone when the incident occurred? 

It is worth mentioning that, in many instances, the adjuster will express the desire to obtain the policyholder or claimant’s testimony on video. 

How Can A Car Accident Attorney Help? 

Said legal professionals caution claimants to demonstrate a significant degree of vigilance when interacting with a claims adjuster. A car accident attorney will have extensive experience dealing with insurance adjusters and are well-versed in their flustering and diversion tactics, which may lead to testimonial inaccuracies or disputes that could ultimately reduce the eventual awarded compensation. 

Legal professionals can coach their clients so that they remain polite and professional but not give away too much pertinent information that could jeopardize their claim. An attorney can also deal directly with the insurance adjuster on behalf of the client, so that you can concentrate on recovering from your accident while your attorney works to maximize your claim. It is vitally important that you do not deal with an insurance adjuster without the representation of an experienced car accident attorney because you may damage your case.

When you retain the services of a Dallas car accident attorney be prepared for the following three steps to help maximize your claim and identify any expenses: 

  • Carefully Recounting The Incident – When the claimant is able, said individual should carefully recount each and every event leading up to and during the accident and, most importantly, document said testimony.

  • Obtain A Thorough Medical Evaluation – Claimants should receive a thorough medical evaluation as soon as possible. Any injuries related to the incident should be noted in documented records.

  • Property Damage Assessment – The claimant is encouraged to have their vehicles assessed by trained mechanical professionals in the immediate wake of the incident to determine the full extent of the damage. 

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