Why Is It Important to Take Pictures After a Car Accident? A Car Accident Attorney Explains.

An experienced car accident attorney will understand that insurance carriers will use everything in their power to minimize or decline an insurance claim. For this reason, as much information as possible should be collected at the scene of your auto accident. This includes eye-witness accounts, police reports, video and pictures.

Why Is It Important to Take Pictures After a Car Accident

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
One of the most important pieces of information that will greatly help your claim or your court case are photos. When you are involved in a car accident, attorneys understand that it is difficult to remember everything that you need to do to protect yourself. There is no doubt that you will very likely be anxious, frightened, and nervous about what is happening. You also may be injured and in need of medical care. Naturally, your car accident attorney is concerned about your health and well-being. It also can be hard to remember to gather evidence, especially amid all the accident scene chaos. But, if at all possible, use your smartphone to take pictures immediately after the accident. 

Why so quickly? Because these photos can become an important part of recovering damages in your claim for injuries. If are injured and unable to take photos, ask if a passenger or a witness would help you by taking photos of the accident. 

Why Are Pictures so Important?
To start with, you will want to make an insurance claim. The insurance carrier will eagerly gather all the evidence to prove the damage sustained and the cost of repairing the car. Your photos taken of the damages to the car will help provide proof to give to the insurance company. 

Next, Texas is a comparative negligence state. Car accidents generally wind up being one driver’s word against the other driver, who may have been at fault, but who will try to blame you. Chronicling damages and injuries is very important. To address any injuries, you should be examined immediately by a doctor. 

An experienced car accident attorney understands that little bumps, scratches, or skin tears can change and become something very severe. Therefore, taking photos of your injuries immediately after the accident will help give a more defined picture of the full extent of your injuries. 

Photos also help car accident experts show vital information about the crash scene as well as other information about facts that may have lead up to the accident. As an example, taking photos of the roadway especially visualizing skid marks can demonstrate the cause for the accident. While on the accident scene, take photos of the damage to both vehicles which may go a long way to determine how the accident occurred. 

When is the Best Time to Take Photos Following a Car Accident?
Immediately after you step out of the car is the best time to start taking photos. The reason for this is that if too much time passes then the evidence may be altered. What this means, is that critical evidence can be deemed skewed by the opposing side. 

Additional accident photos that would help support your claim or your case can include skid marks, road debris, other property damage, witnesses and any other indicators related to the accident. Taking as many pictures as possible is highly recommened.

Collecting the car accident photos, gathering and preserving relevant evidence to build your case is all compiled by your experienced Texas car accident attorney. We are prepared to help you succeed in filing a car accident lawsuit in Texas from any of our many offices throughout the Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano area. 

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