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When it comes to your financial well being and settling claims or filing lawsuits, the Law Offices of David Kohm provide you the best source of legal advice and backing in the Grapevine, Texas area. Whether you are the victim of a hit and run accident seeking damages or going through a divorce and need expert legal advice, you can count on our seasoned Grapevine personal injury attorneys to represent you to the fullest of their ability.

David Kohm is a personal injury law firm focusing on personal injury, bankruptcy, and divorce cases. Our personal injury attorneys have experience handling all of the following practice areas:


What Our Personal Injury Attorneys Expect from You

When using a personal injury attorney in any case, it is only right to respect him by being courteous and respectful, even in dealings with the opposition. A personal injury attorney shouldn’t have to work hard explaining your behavior or cleaning up your messes. A rule of thumb is to always act as if people are watching or you are being recorded, and don’t get caught up in the heat of the moment.

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