Can I Join a Dating Site like Tinder While My Divorce is Pending? A Texas Divorce Attorney Explains.

During pending divorces, it is actually suitable for people to date. Some may be eager to get to the next step and others may be hesitant. Either way, it is absolutely your personal decision whether or not you are getting back into the dating world. However, you want to be mindful of extenuating circumstances. If you have children or close family members that will be affected by your dating life then it would be wise to put a lot of thought behind this before jumping into the dating pool or joining an online dating service like Tinder. These are important factors to consider and obtaining the legal advice from an experienced Texas divorce attorney may be a wise decision because you do not want to jeopardize your pending divorce proceedings.

Can I Join a Dating Site like Tinder While My Divorce is Pending

Unfortunately, to legalize a divorce does take time. There are many factors that could extend the process of divorce. To name a few common situations, disputes over child custody, the division of property and also financial support. So many people are wondering if they need to wait until they join websites like Tinder or other online dating portals. They also are wondering if their soon to be former spouse can use that against them in the divorce proceedings. In short, you may be able to date, but you need to be very careful, depending upon your circumstances.

No Fault Divorce
Texas is actually one of those states that the “blame game” is completely unnecessary. This means that there is no need to blame the other party for any incidents in order to move forward with a divorce. Making your claims to the state that your marriage is irreconcilable and that the differences between you and your spouse cannot be worked through. This is wonderful because this can help keep the issues down during the process in hopes that everything runs smoothly. This means that the appearance of infidelity is completely irrelevant. Neither you nor your spouse is able to use outside dating as a deciding factor even if the marriage has not fully been concluded. Although this can cause friction between the two of you, it cannot actually hold any weight legally.

Is it safe to date?
The divorcing process can be very emotional and even lonely for some. Seeking comfort in times such as this is relatable and certainly understandable. You have your rights both personally and legally. Spouses actually have entered the “Dating Arena” during and even before the finalizations of divorces. 

Always keep in mind that your dating decisions have the potential to affect more than you or your spouse if there are kids in the equation. The best decision is to always consider the well-being of your children first and not give your spouse a reason to get angry and use that to divide you and your children. Although there is no legal reason you can not join a public dating site like Tinder, but it can create emotional strain with your spouse and your children.

Finalizing the Divorce
You are not able to finalize you divorce until after you and your spouse have both agreed to each of the terms you have agreed to. The children you share play a huge role in this process. This can be crucial if you decide to start dating right away and your soon to be ex-spouse is unaware or not likely to react in a nice manner. If you and your spouse can’t agree on a custody agreement, a court will step in and make a plan for you. In Texas, courts will always do what’s in the best interest of any children affected by a divorce. This could be avoided by coming to agreements about dating beforehand. Civil conversations are key in situations such as these. The last thing you want is for your spouse to pull out of their end of the deal if they see that you are on Tinder and actively dating. You don’t want them to be thrown off guard or upset about your new dating situation.

While it is legal for you to use a public dating site like Tinder, the best thing to do would to date people privately and in-person while your divorce is being finalized. Online chatting is fine, however technology has a funny way of complicating things if that information is leaked to your spouse during your divorce. If you have questions on your situation be sure to reach out to a Texas Divorce Attorney today. 

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