How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover Monies for Concussions, Headaches and Other Brain Injuries.

You are careful when behind the wheel. You are attentive and cautious, as nothing is more important than your safety and that of your passengers and fellow drivers. But not everyone adheres to this driving ethic. Some drivers believe that they are special, and that the rules don’t apply to them. If you are injured by such a driver in an accident, then you can claim compensation from them. Very common injuries from car accidents are concussions, headaches and other brain injuries. A car accident attorney can help you get the proper medical treatment for these injuries and also help you maximize your compensation. 

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover Monies for Concussions, Headaches and Other Brain Injuries

You Should Take A Concussion Seriously 

A car accident can cause head injury. Concussion is the most common type of head injury. A concussion is a violent shaking of the brain which can lead to the following symptoms: 

  • Serious headache  
  • Loss of balance 
  • Constant ringing in the ears 
  • Memory loss 
  • Nausea or Vomiting 
  • Slurred speech 
  • Violent seizures

Although a concussion is not the worst head injury you can receive, it can still take years to recover from it. Post-concussion effects may impede your ability to work. There may even be permanent negative effects. 

In order to properly diagnose a concussion or other brain injury your car accident attorney can direct you to medical professionals that are experts in treating and diagnosing these types of injuries. Their medical expertise is vital in documenting and treating these injuries which will allow your car accident attorney to build a strong case. This will in turn help maximize your compensation. 

How an Attorney Can Help You Get Proper Treatment and Documentation for Your Head Injuries

It is important to do specialized testing. These tests are often expensive, but necessary to prove the extent of your head injuries. An experienced car accident attorney will usually be able to help you get the appropriate medical professional to order the specialized test that can help establish the extent of your head injury. Furthermore, an experienced car accident attorney can often help you get these necessary tests and procedures done without you needing pay monies directly out of your pocket.

You should speak to a car accident lawyer to determine what kind of concussion lawsuit you can file against the person whose recklessness caused your injury. There are two general types: 

  1. Lawsuit for special damages 

In this suit, you will seek damages for the medical expenses, lost wages, and damaged property that result from the accident. 

  1. Lawsuit for general damages 

In this type of suit, you will press the respondent for compensation owing to the non-economic effects of the accident, including pain and suffering, physical and mental impairment, and a reduced quality of living. 

Your lawyer will be able to advise you on the direction you should take in building a case and what is the proper path to maximizing your compensation. 

Getting the Money You Deserve 

Your car accident attorney will be the only one looking after your interests. Your attorney should be the only one you speak to regarding compensation for the injury. In the days following the accident, the insurance company of the other driver may contact you. They may want to take a statement or offer you a settlement. You should refuse both. You should instead refer them to your attorney. It is best to leave all such matters in the hands of an experienced professional. 

If you have suffered permanent disability owing to the accident and concussion, you may need to give up your livelihood. This can be a huge financial blow. It may put you in serious financial distress. In this instance, you should seek a large financial settlement from the insurance company. The latter will resist paying the money. They will do all in their power to prove that your condition is unrelated to the accident. The car accident lawyer you hired will build a strong case against this position. They will bring in evidence from your physician, independent medical professionals, and accident reconstruction experts to prove that the harm you have suffered is a direct result of the accident. 

If you have suffered a serious concussion in a car accident, you should not be left alone to deal with the consequences. Nor should you try to battle the insurance company of the other driver without adequate counsel. You need an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you find proper medical treatment and help you maximize your compensation. 

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