A Car Accident Attorney Provides the 5 Steps to Take After Being Injured in a Hit and Run Car Accident.

Becoming the victim of a hit and run accident is a traumatic experience that can result in serious consequences physically, mentally, and financially. The following tips are provided by car accident attorney David Kohm and outline exactly what you should do after being injured in a hit and run accident.

A Car Accident Attorney Provides the 5 Steps to Take After Being Injured

Call The Police
Whenever an accident occurs, the police should be called. This rule does not change when the other driver flees the scene. If you can provide the make, model, or other specifics concerning the other vehicle involved in the accident, it will be easier for police to locate the hit and run driver. Also, describe any damage to the other vehicle you may have seen.

Be sure to get a copy of the police report drafted by the officer at the scene. The police report will help you later when you begin the process of seeking compensation for your accident.

Seek Medical Treatment
You should always seek medical treatment when involved in a car accident. This is true even when your injuries are not immediately discernible to you. When involved in a traumatic event like a car accident, your body will produce adrenaline. This adrenaline will sometimes mask the symptoms of your injury in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Be sure to keep accurate and detailed records of all medical treatment you receive. You should also make sure your insurance company receives a record of these medical treatments.

Talk To Witnesses And Gather Evidence
If there are witnesses at the scene of your hit and run accident, ask them to wait until the police arrive to give an account of what they witnessed. If it is necessary for a witness to leave before being interviewed by an officer, ask for contact information so that you can get their version of events on record at a later date.

The police will want to obtain details about the accident from witnesses as well as any information that will help them track down the other car involved in the accident.

You should also take photos of your car, the area around your car, and any injuries you sustain. It is a good idea to jot down a few quick notes regarding the accident while the details are fresh in your mind. You may begin to lose some of these memories with time and you do not want to omit information later that may be valuable to your potential compensation.

The evidence gathering process is extremely important in the moments following a hit and run accident. However, you should not lose sight of the fact, your health is the first priority. Seek medical attention first and foremost if your injuries are serious or if you experience substantial pain and discomfort.

Contact Insurance Agent
Texas adheres to an at-fault policy in regards to car accidents. This simply means each driver is financially responsible for their fault in an accident. This could be problematic when the other driver flees the scene and cannot be located. You may possess added protection if your policy includes coverage against uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Talk to your insurance agent as soon as you are able to do so. Some insurance companies are strict regarding immediate notification of accidents.

Seek Representation
When the other party to your accident cannot be located, the responsibility for the accident is passed on to you or your insurance company. The job of an insurance agent is to minimize what the insurance company pays for an accident. In this scenario, the agent may not be 100 percent in your corner. You should definitely hire a hit and run car accident attorney skilled in representing victims of hit and run accidents to fight on your behalf.

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