Does Adultery Constitute Grounds For Divorce in Texas? A Texas Divorce Attorney Explains.

Rarely in the State of Texas does adultery play a major role in the granting of a divorce. Most divorce judges recognize that adultery is usually symptomatic of underlying problems in a marriage and not a sole cause for divorce. Particularly objectionable-seeming cases of adultery (i.e. cheating with a spouse’s family member, or the children’s babysitter) may prove exceptions to this general rule.

Does Adultery Constitute Grounds For Divorce in Texas

Influencing the Judge
While adultery is not often a major factor in the granting of a divorce in Texas it can play a significant role in the distribution of a divorcing couple’s community property. The State of Texas recognizes a distinction between property owned before marriage and any property obtained during the marriage. Property acquired during the marriage is defined by Texas State law as “Community property.” Divorce Judges in Texas have a great deal of latitude when it comes to the division of such property. Infidelity on the part of one spouse may very well influence the judge’s final decision concerning community property. 

A More Favorable Settlement
Another way that adultery may prove significant in a divorce case is in its potential as regards the leveraging of a more favorable settlement. If an unfaithful spouse is reluctant to have his or her indiscretions made the stuff of public record it may likely prove easier to negotiate a larger share of the community property for the aggrieved spouse. 

It is important to remember if you are separated and/or filing for divorce that the State of Texas defines adultery as sex with someone other than your spouse. By Texas law, a person is married until the day a judge signs his or her divorce decree. Even if you’ve been separated for years before you have sex with someone other than your spouse it is considered adultery under Texas Law. 

While flirting and innuendo don’t constitute adultery by Texas law a finding of adultery may be handed down based on circumstantial evidence. In order to file for a divorce based on the grounds of adultery (as opposed to a no-fault divorce), you must be able to furnish evidence that your spouse cheated. 

Be aware though, that even should you succeed in convincing the judge that your spouse cheated, still the court is under no obligation to rule based on fault. 

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