Injured in a Accident with an UPS, FedEx or other Delivery Truck? See How A Truck Accident Attorney Can Help.

A Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You If You Have Been Hurt By A UPS or FedEx Driver

More people are shopping online, which results in more UPS, FedEx and other delivery trucks on the road today than ever before. This increases the likelihood that you may be involved in an accident with a UPS or FedEx truck. These larger delivery trucks can result in substantial property damage and significant injuries. If you are involved in an accident with one of these delivery trucks it is important that you retain the services of an experienced truck accident attorney.

Injured in a Accident with an UPS, FedEx or other Delivery Truck

What Can Cause a UPS or FedEx Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the following are the most common causes of a truck accident.

  • Aggressive driving, which includes things such as speeding and cutting people off.
  • Distracted driving, which can include things such as talking on the phone and texting.
  • Drowsy driving, which includes getting behind the wheel after one has not received a sufficient amount of sleep.
  • Impaired driving, which includes getting behind the wheel after one has used drugs or alcohol. It is important to note that some over-the-counter and prescription drugs can cause impairment.

Drivers who are negligent while behind the wheel have to be held responsible. Filing a personal injury claim for an accident involving a delivery driver is similar to filing any other type of personal injury lawsuit. The main difference is that UPS and FedEx have an army of attorneys that will be representing the interests of their employer. Trying to deal with their insurance company or their attorneys is a recipe for disaster and a strong chance that you will make a mistake due to your inexperience in dealing with these types of truck accidents. Experienced truck accident attorneys from the Law Offices of David Kohm are experts in managing these types of cases and dealing with large corporations like UPS and FedEx.

Who do You Sue?

UPS and FedEx have to make sure that everyone who works for the company has a valid driver’s license. They also have to make sure that their workers have excellent customer service and driving skills. People who work for UPS or Fedex typically have four to 12 years of training before they become a driver. If the company made sure that the driver was properly vetted, then the driver may be held responsible for the accident.

The cause of the accident will also determine who can be sued. For example, an accident that was caused by mechanical problems will be treated differently than an accident that occurred because the driver did not yield to a pedestrian. The cause of the accident will determine whether you can sue the trucking company, the truck manufacturer or the driver. Determining liability is something your truck accident attorney can assist you with.

Building a Case

You will have to prove two things in order to build a case. You will have to show the property damages and the extent of your injuries from the accident. You will also have to prove that the UPS or FedEx driver acted negligently and caused the accident. Gathering evidence at the accident scene is extremely important, taking pictures, getting statements and obtaining the police report. It can be difficult to build a case against the FedEx or UPS driver. That is why you need the help of a truck accident attorney. An attorney knows the laws and procedures. They also know what procedures people should take when going up against a corporation of that size. If you have been involved in an accident with a UPS or FedEx driver please contact the Law Offices of David Kohm at any of our locations and get a free consultation.

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