Injured in a roll-over accident with an 18 Wheeler? Learn How a Truck Accident Attorney can Help.

There are very few things as terrifying as being involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler on the highway. Fatalities are common in serious truck accidents, and rollovers by smaller vehicles is a regular occurrence. Seat belts and air bags tend to function well as safety devices in most cases, even though this can be problematic too, but a rollover can result in dented roofs that offer very little protection for the passengers in the vehicle. Collisions that occur at high speeds can be particularly serious, often sending other vehicles careening down an embankment or across a median, not to mention rolling into other vehicles. Semi tractor-trailer rigs are so much larger than the standard passenger vehicle that the typical car has no chance at all against the physical impact of the rig. And the results are always largely the same. Those results are fatalities or very serious long-term injuries that are associated with complicated legal cases requiring professional legal representation for an equitable settlement. Here are a few ways an aggressive 18 wheeler accident attorney can help in serious rollover truck crashes.

Injured in a roll-over accident with an 18 Wheeler

Handle Strongly Defended Cases
Truck accidents are notoriously well-defended and can be extremely complicated when several vehicles are involved. The trucking company will always dispatch an investigation team to the scene as soon as possible in an effort to get ahead of the official investigation, hopefully influencing the official determination. Accidents can be very expensive for shipping companies and their owner-operator drivers, and the trucking company along with their insurance providers will be working diligently to reduce the total financial damage. Regardless of the extent of the injuries, their obligation is to the company first, and reducing and deflecting fault is always the objective in serious cases like rollover accidents. An experienced truck accident attorney understands their tactics and will work diligently for whole damage compensation by building a case for minimal negligence by their client. Comparative negligence can be very important in any auto accident case, and it is a common defense by defendants because it can reduce claim values if not completely exonerate the trucking company according to Texas negligence law.

Pursue Whole Compensation
A typical auto accident can often result in damages only up to the limit of the insurance protection for the party primarily at fault. Big truck accidents are different in the fact that trucking companies are required to carry extended minimum coverage by the state of Texas just in case a driver causes a catastrophic accident. This means that whole damage compensation could be a result of any truck accident, including punitive damages when a jury decides the case also includes gross negligence by the primary responsible driver. Punitive damages can be the result of actions by the trucking company or the driver, and they are often applied in cases of excessive speed or intoxicated driving.

Pursue Extended Damages
Product liability claims can arise as well when a rollover accident involves mechanical failure of automotive parts on any involved vehicle. These are often very complicated cases, even though proving negligence is not required for the plaintiff legal counsel, and there must be a clear connection between the accident and the malfunctioning auto component. Companies that have contracted the shipping company could also be liable in certain situations when an accident is caused by a shifted load or an overweight container is involved in a collision. Truck accidents commonly result in multiple avenues of compensation that the novice injured party may not realize, including wrongful death in certain egregious situations. This makes hiring an experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney imperative.

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