Learn How a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney Can Use Accident Reconstruction to Get Better Settlements for Your Injury Claim.

An accident involving a big truck, semi-truck or tractor trailer can be more serious and more complicated than an accident with other types of vehicles. These accidents often result in more serious injuries as well as significant property damage. A big truck accident will be the result of many different factors. These factors can be anything from steering mistakes to defective truck parts and more. A truck accident attorney will want to show exactly what happened during this type of accident. One of the common ways in which an experienced truck accident attorney will do this is by reconstructing the truck accident. By utilizing accident reconstruction techniques an experienced semi-truck accident attorney can often maximize the recovery to the injured client.

Learn How a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney Can Use Accident Reconstruction to Get Better Settlements for Your Injury Claim

Why Create a Big Truck Accident Reconstruction?

Reconstructing an accident is something a truck accident attorney will do in order to help everyone involved with the case understand exactly what happened. A semi-truck accident reconstruction is designed to provide a detailed analysis from truck accident experts. It is created using all known factors and information concerning the accident. This is why it is vitally important that you work with an attorney who has experience in obtaining all the pertinent information from your accident in order to properly reconstruct the accident.

Providing Important Information

A big truck accident reconstruction will provide all sorts of important information that can be beneficial for an accident claim. It can clearly illustrate the root cause of an accident. This is often considered the most important aspect of the reconstruction. It can also provide information on other aspects of the accident including the extent of damage resulting from the accident, the cause of the damage, as well as any other factors that could have contributed to the accident and more. Your truck accident attorney will be able to clearly present these facts to the insurance adjuster, a judge or a jury. Having experience in handling big truck accidents and truck accident reconstructions is something all truck accident victims need to consider when hiring their legal representation.

Methods Of Reconstruction

The Conservation of Inertia (COI) method is most often used to reconstruct all types of vehicle crashes. It is a widely accepted method and used to provide reconstructions between vehicles of all different sizes. The COI is very accurate at showing the reasons for impact as well as any departure angles. Another very reliable method used with accidents involving heavy trucks and automobiles in Conservation of Energy (COE) method. It shows how the energy is transferred from a large truck to a smaller car, resulting in catastrophic damages.  

Pre-Crash Speed Determination

A key factor in big truck reconstruction is determining crash speed. Movements of vehicles prior to an accident need to be analyzed to determine pre-crash speeds. Skid marks can be utilized to determine speeds, but with a heavy truck, it is more complicated. There are certain factors that need to be established.

  • What tires made skid marks must be determined. It needs to be known if it was the trailer’s axle or drive axle.
  • The time involved with air brakes in the rear of truck actuating after the brake pedal is pressed.
  • If a trailer followed the tractor or stopped straight.
  • If a truck’s brakes are out of adjustment or operating properly.
  • If trailer and truck are equipped with ABS.
  • Weight distribution on truck and change during braking from a high center of gravity.
  • Determining braking drag coefficient of the truck.
  • If additional complicated calculations for drag need to be done for each wheel, or if the truck can be considered a single unit.

The Importance of the Presentation

Once the semi-truck accident reconstruction is complete, it can be presented using animation, diagrams as well as a model with experts providing comments to illustrate their findings. Working with an experienced truck accident attorney that understands how to clearly present a truck accident reconstruction can help you maximize your settlement.

Defendant Challenge

When dealing with a commercial trucking company, they will usually challenge the assertions of the plaintiff concerning the accident. They may challenge the cause and the resulting damage as well as their own role in the accident. A big truck accident reconstruction can clearly illustrate what happened during the accident. Proper big truck accident reconstruction can eliminate any disputes and validate a plaintiff’s case for being awarded compensation.

In most cases, a trucking company will have access to experienced lawyers, accident investigators and more. They are knowledgeable with truck crashes and can go to work immediately after an accident. Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney to deal with insurance companies and the truck company attorneys is one of the most important aspects in dealing with a big truck accident. Your truck accident attorney will know how to protect an your rights and how to help you possibly obtain fair compensation.

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